burden_richard-4-e1430780774707Northfield MP Richard Burden has voted against UK air strikes in Syria in a vote in Parliament tonight. Longbridge councillor and Yardley MP Jess Phillips also voted against the motion.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s motion for air strikes against ISIL / Daesh in Syria was passed with 397 MPs for and 223 against.

In a speech to the House of Commons during the debate before the vote, Richard Burden (Labour) said he felt it had been the right decision for the UK to carry out air strikes in Iraq to push back Daesh.

However, he said that UK participation in air strikes in Syria would be “handing Daesh, on a plate, a propaganda victory and we will allow impressionable people to be won towards their murderous brand of jihadism.”

Watch Richard Burden’s speech:

Following the results of the motion, Mr Burden told B31 Voices: “I disagreed with the Government’s proposal for British forces to join the bombing of the Syrian town of Raqqa and I cast my vote accordingly. Whatever way any of us cast our vote, however, all of us have a responsibility to do what we can to defeat the evil that is Daesh/ISIL.

“That includes tackling Daesh’s murderous ideology, the grubby deals that keep them in business and working for an end to the civil war in Syria in which they survive. Given the nature of Daesh, I also believe that military action against Daesh is unavoidable if they are to be defeated. But it has to be part of a strategy that adds up.

“I believe it was on that point that the Government’s proposal was lacking.”

Along with Mr Burden, Longbridge councillor and Yardley MP Jess Phillips and Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe voted against the motion, while Edgbaston MP Gisela Stuart voted for. 


  1. Regardless of the UK joining in the air strikes we are still and will always will be a target for groups like is . As we stand against all of there Muslim backward way of life. Rather than air strikes would prefer the closing of borders. The army destroying the jungle in France. We also need to stop bending over backwards for Muslims already here with all there demands halal meat served in most schools and restaurants without our knowledge. We should limit any new mosques opening and close down any mosques with links to terrorism the recuitment or funding of. If you think this is deemed racist then everything I’ve stated is the same rules that Japan follow and guess what not one Islamic attack on there nation too date.

    • when you say Muslims is that all Muslims both shia and sunni?

      do you think those actions will more likely harm Daesh or give substance to their twisted view?

  2. The only way to deal with ISIS is to fight fire with fire. Bomb the buggers. That’s what I say. If we had ISIS targeting Northfield like they did Paris, I wonder what the response would be? Imagine eating your wings in Chicken Hut and next thing you wake up dead.

  3. People need to wake up to the fact that Muslims don’t want to be part of British way of life regardless of if they were born here or choose to move here. They want to live in Muslim only areas with no regard or respect to British law other faiths cultures. There is always a smoke screen on how much they contribute to society and how they feel alienation. They won’t be help until the islam flag flys above Buckingham palace. Islam has helped destroy the middle east and Northern Africa now it has its sights set on Europe.

  4. I wish wealthy Muslims were more compassionate to Muslims too scared to fight for there own country’s. It would be nice if Dubai , Kuwait , Abu dabi reached out a hand to there brothers and took them in.
    They could leave us to live in peace in our sinful, hard working evil ways.


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