UPDATE 3rd Jan 2016: This mountain of refuse was cleared on Tuesday 29th December. And again later in the week. Sadly, today, readers report the mountain is back yet again.

Cllrs Brett O’Reilly and Jacqui Kennedy have been informed about this so hopefully it will be moved. Again.

Please be aware that BCC will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notices if they identify anyone as dumping refuse here

If you have a persistent problem with non-collection of your rubbish:
* Report a missed collection online:
* If you still have no collection or repeated missed collections, contact your local councillors for support. You can find you councillors’ contact details by entering your postcode here:
Rubbish dumped at West Heath island recycling point

Residents living close by a recycling point in West Heath have been shocked by the amounts of rubbish left beside the bins.

Black bags have been piled high at the recycling point at West Heath island.

Image 27-12-2015 at 20.23Northfield Councillor Brett O’Reilly has requested that the mountain of refuse be removed as a matter of urgency. He said: “I would like to thank B31 Voices and local residents that have brought this to my attention.

“I accept that there will have been a missed collection due to the bank holidays, however the amount of waste tipped is clearly causing a health hazard, and Birmingham City Council’s first duty must always be to protect it citizens, and so this waste must be removed as soon as possible.”

Residents are reminded that extra Christmas rubbish will be collected by refuse trucks if left out with wheelie bins until January 8th. Household rubbish should be secured in black bags. Cardboard can be flattened and bundled together with string.

Alternatively, extra rubbish can be taken to Lifford Lane recycling centre in Kings Norton.

Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly! 

More refuse piled high at Sainsbury's in Northfield
More refuse piled high at Sainsbury’s in Northfield


  1. Have you ever thought maybe why all these people have left their rubbish?? Maybe the fact that with these new wheelie bins recycling for paper is tiny?? And 3 black bags is about your limited inside the normal wheelie bin as a family of 5 who recycle everything we still have to make weekly trips to the tip now………so with Xmas everyone will have way over what the bin men will take!!!!

    • Hi Claire.

      BCC have said that refuse collectors will collect a “reasonable amount” extra rubbish up to Jan 8th – black bags for household and cardboard flattened and tied with strong. Leave alongside wheelie bins. Sas | B31 Voices

  2. I completely agree as a family of 4 with two young children and nappies etc to dispose of a wheelie bin which holds 3 bags per week is nowhere near enough we are making weekly trips too now!

  3. The amount of rubbish dumped at West Heath is deplorable, however if residents do not receive a service or a very poor service maybe this is the reason as to why rubbish is being dumped. I have not received a proper rservice since 18/12/2015 refuse collectors called on 1/1/2016 took out the refuse sacks from my wheelie bin and dumped them on the roadway they are still waiting to be collected. I have put in a missed collection report but the due date for the service to be carried out has past. Missed collection reports are a waste of time as it usually means that misssed collections will be picked up on the next collection date. I have sent e.mail to Lifford Lane Customer Support, Councillor Lisa Trickett and my local Councillor Simon Jevon, I have not received any response. When residents receive such poor service it is no wonder that some residents dump their rubbish at sights such as west heath

  4. The streets are littered with more rubbish than i have ever knownand i dont just mean black bags all over the place but i mean litter and cardboard and plastic bottles and paper. Streets are filthy.


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