Northfield District (constituency) would have fewer councillors, serving 9 smaller wards, as part of proposals to change ward boundaries across the city.

Northfield District currently has twelve councillors, with four wards – Northfield, Longbridge, Kings Norton and Weoley – each having three councillors on the city council.

Proposals would see the creation of 9 smaller wards, 8 with a single councillor with a newly boundaried Weoley ward having two – 10 councillors in total across the district.

The proposals come after a recommendation by the Kerslake Review into the performance of Birmingham City Council. It is suggested that smaller wards with a single councillor (or in same cases to) representing for four years would provide better consistency and stability in local governance.

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking people across Birmingham to comment on its draft proposals.

You can see the proposals and submit your views on their website

Current wards in Northfield District (each with 3 councillors):

  • Kings Norton
  • Longbridge
  • Northfield
  • Weoley

Proposed wards in Northfield District (number of councillors in brackets):

  • Allens Croft (1)
  • Frankley (1)
  • Hawkesley (1)
  • Kings Norton (1)
  • Northfield East (1)
  • Northfield West (1)
  • Rubery & Rednal (1)
  • Weoley (2)
  • West Heath (1)


  1. it’s difficult to know either way without knowing the why’s and wherefores,how will the practicalities of the new proposals be better for the wards involved.?

  2. Why in Gods name are woodcock hill and leyhill being banded with Bartley green we do not give a fuck what happens the other side of the resa and senellys park.

  3. I notice that the boundary commission are using an old map that still has all of the old Longbridge works on it and none of the new build. It doesn’t give you much confidence in their knowledge of the are!!

  4. having trouble deciphering old and new maybe we could have different coloured lines please but would ask why as weoley got 2 councillors

  5. It is not to much to expect the proposed new boundaries shown on a clearly defind new map,this effort seems very Mickey Mouse and leaves one wondering just what is going where,the dangers of the pedestrians are not been met with the new cycle lanes that are proposed and the speed of the traffic along Longbridge Lane has not been looked into.Is anyone in power going to do anything .?

  6. Quite skeptical as the new boundaries appear to group together voters of a perceived group. What i mean is areas such as Hawkesley, Frankley and Allens Cross have with been separated from the perceived “nicer” areas. These areas tend to have higher levels of social deprivation and require high levels of public services. This seems to create a system of haves and have nots. If this is intentional to target more deprived areas with better funding and facilities to benefit these communities but I doubt it. My guess is that it is a way of manipulating the electoral system to improve the tory chances of obtaining an increased majority of seats on the City Council. Just my humble opinion. Also think it’s a big own goal to get rid of Longbridge ward considering the investment in the new city centre.

  7. Why change things. It is going to cost us as taxpayers more money.
    New signs and other things will all have to change.
    I thought the council had no money ?
    What a waste of time and money. To think we are paying for them to discuss this issue.

  8. Not a particularly objective comment, but I like living in the ‘New Longbridge’ with its new Town Centre.
    In relation to the current position I ask ‘Is it broken?’ To the proposed changes I ask ‘Will I feel any better as a result?’ Unless someone can explain to me the benefits of having Longbridge absorbed into an area called lNorthfield West I suggest things are left alone. To me small is beautiful and I take on board the views made above by ‘Skeptical’.

  9. idea just leave it alone why change it under the change I would be in Northfield east on paper but it will always be Northfield, no money ,no sense no need …

  10. lets not waste money. Lots of services are being reduced due to a lack of money, so why change things that will result in costs to bcc give the money to the services so less reductions! You are also playing with peoples investments -property value will go down e.g moseley postcode that will become balsall heath!! Youve wasted enough public funding. Dont waste anymore!

  11. & Birmingham City Council say they have no money to fix council housing & have people living in crap, but these can wast money on this rubbish.


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