Photo: Albie Taylor
Photo: Albie Taylor

A grey concrete “wall” which runs alongside Longbridge Station is set to receive a facelift to celebrate the past, present and future of Longbridge.

Year 8 pupils from Turves Green Girls’ School will be working with artists Cathy Wade and Juneau Projects and members of the local community to transform the wall.

The exciting new public arts project is being supported by Northfield Housing Liaison Board, Northfield Place Team and Longbridge Public Art Project.

The whole Year 8 group will be at the site today (Thursday 12th November) to gather information and develop ideas for the project.

Students will be talking to members of the community, working with artists, and collecting images, sounds & video footage.

Head of Expressive Arts Faculty at TGGS, Sarah Barton, said: “Northfield Housing Liaison Board approached us earlier this year, to ask if we would develop an art project for this space. It is promising to be a very exciting opportunity for our pupils to get involved with their community and learn about what it means to be an artist.”

The project will be ongoing throughout this academic year.

If you would like to contribute ideas, views or stories tweet #wall to @TGGSart or email


  1. My friend said that the wall is fitted with an anti-vandalism device as seen in the Police documentary ‘The Naked Gun’.


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