Created in 2010 as a simple blog from the Hollymoor estate in Northfield, B31 Voices has grown and grown over the last 5 years, now engaging communities in a large chunk of South West Birmingham. We now have over 22,000 followers on Facebook, 7500 on Twitter and at least 40,000 people visit our main website every month!

100% volunteer run and self funded over the last 5 years, we now need your help to sustain B31 Voices and to move forward, making it Bigger & Better!

At the moment, too much of our time is taken up with dealing with our dysfunctional, self maintained website and trying to keep up with social media and write blog posts on antiquated equipment. We want to free up our time to be able to do more with B31 Voices: working with local schools and community organisations, building better links with community partners such as police, fire & council so that the local community is better informed and better heard.

The B31 Voices website is struggling to cope with the traffic it receives and the demands we place on it. Designed and maintained by us (novices!) it really needs a professional overhaul to make it futureproof. And all the (almost 24/7!) work we do maintaining our web and social media sites is currently done on a pair of iPhones and a borrowed laptop!

It’s not in our nature to ask, but for the first time in 5 years we are asking individuals and businesses in the local community, who benefit from B31 Voices, for support.

You can help by sharing this post and / or donating to our Crowdfunder appeal. If you’re a local business, there are advertising rewards in it for you too!

So please visit our Crowdfunder campaign page and help make YOUR B31 Voices Bigger and Better.

Thank you!


  1. I really hope businesses in the local area can support these requests, because B31 Voices offers an excellent service to the local community. Events in the local area are very poorly advertised, so it is great to have a site that keeps us in the know and enables us to support our local events and also find out what issues are affecting the local area. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Is Hollymoor northfield because I thought that was rubery mental asylum grounds that estate was built on?
    However I totally agree this site is fantastic for local events and issues that concern people that live in our community

    • It is, our postal address is technically Northfield, but it’s Longbridge ward and some people address it as Rubery. No man’s land ;) Thank you for your kind words :)

  3. Lower Shenley in Northfield just by the newly installed pedestrian crossing is a dead muntjac deer obviously a road victim from the previous night’s
    Traffic. Very interesting hat there are deer in such a built up location.


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