West Midlands Police have launched an appeal after two Bartley Green homes were raided by masked men with a knife on Halloween evening.

A 21 year old mum from Monmouth Road was terrified as a group of men barged their way into her home at around 9pm

The men searched the house and cupboards. They left when the woman pleaded with them not to disturb her young daughter, who was sleeping in a bedroom.

Nothing was stolen and no-one was hurt.

Moments later the group – understood to be black males – did the same at a neighbouring property where they pushed passed a man before again searching the house.

In the second incident, a mobile phone was stolen.

Detective Constable Stuart Parker from Birmingham South Police’s Investigation Team, said: “No-one was hurt but clearly these were shocking ordeals for the residents…at one address they stormed into the house with a knife while a two-year-old child slept just feet away.

“We’re trying to understand the motive for the attacks as no-one was injured and, apart from a mobile phone, nothing was taken.

“I’m appealing for anyone who saw the men in or around Monmouth Road on the night, or anyone with information, to contact me immediately. We need to know who these men are.”

Anyone with information is urged to call DC Parker on the 101 number or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


  1. Well the motive is simple…would rather take ie steal than get out of bed at an acceptable time like civilised ppl. As someone who was almost a victim of the same thing. I can say with confidence that if the homeowners resisted the knives would of been used. This is plain and simple aggravated home invasion with a weapon. Lock the animals in a cage where they belong. Stop being so bloody sapish with the scum!


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