Longbridge Lane in 2013 - before the narrowing - pic Martyn Ingham
Longbridge Lane in 2013 – before the narrowing – pic Martyn Ingham

Carole Griffiths has started a petition requesting that Birmingham City Council re-examine the effectiveness of the narrowing of Longbridge Lane by Longbridge train station.

A number of residents have raised concerns, especially over traffic queues and access for emergency vehicles.

Carole writes: “Longbridge Residents have been suffering for too long from the results of changing the traffic system in Longbridge Lane. Show how strongly you feel by signing the petition. Thank you, Carole Griffiths”

You can sign the petition below (Please note – your street / postcode will not be displayed publicly & it may take a few moments for your signature to appear):

We, the undersigned, request that Birmingham City Council highways department reassesses the narrowing of Longbridge Lane to one lane by Longbridge train station.

Since the road was narrowed from two lanes to one, in each direction, we feel that the traffic flow has been hindered, causing severe delays at peak times.

We are also concerned that emergency vehicles struggle to get through queuing traffic.

We are worried that the problems associated with the narrowing will only worsen as Longbridge town centre is further developed.


1121 signatures collected. Thanks to all who signed.

To be presented to Birmingham full council meeting Tuesday 1/12/15

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  1. It took 4 light changes to get into Marks & Spencers on Saturday, the traffic went right upto the box junction on the Bristol Rd and the council wants to make it worse??? madness

  2. Too many cars on the road however you arrange it! Look for alternative methods of transport, its the only way to relieve your traffic stress, Walk Run Ride.

  3. Can the traffic light priority be changed? As it doesn’t seem to be operating efficiently at certain times of the day. When travelling west on Longbridge lane approaching the lights adjacent to the college, to continue my journey right onto the Bristol Road I had to wait 6 cycles of lights when it only allowed a handful of cars through each time, where all the other lanes were quiet and without any build up.

  4. Why wasn’t this petition more widely advertised, I only found it by accident, start another one and advertise it more widely , leave petitions in shops, cafe’s ,clubs, bars, blimey I’ll even post flyers. Something needs to be done.


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