Bali Paddock from Birmingham City Council attended the last Kings Norton Ward Committee 12th November to give an update to local Councillors and members of the public.


Overview –

1,000 new properties to be built (50% owner occupied and 50% council rented).

*318 new properties already built or nearing completion

*876 properties for rehousing and subsequent demolition

*New retail centre on Redditch Road

* New Opportunities for employment

Rehousing & Demolition in Primrose

The 5 year rehousing and demolition plans are on target, all rehousing to be completed by 2018.

Outline Planning Application for residential properties/access in Primrose

Outline planning application (All matters reserved – except access) for mixed use development to include maximum 295, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom dwellings, neighbourhood park, 468sqm retail space. Outline Planning Application was submitted 10th December 2014 and approved on the 5th March 2015. Please note that this does not include the supermarket who will be submitting an application seperately.

Appointment of Housing Developer

*Kier Living Limited has been appointed as the housing developer for the Primrose Estate

*Kier are in the process of submitting a detailed planning application for new build, phase one to start in 2016. Further planning applications will be submitted until all of the properties are built and this will take approximately 5 years to complete.


Compulsory Purchase Order

*Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) – Second CPO process started in early November 2014, Birmingham City Council is waiting for a decision from the Secretary Of State.



*On the 22nd September 2015 Birmingham City Council Cabinet approved the sale of the land for a retail development. Currently planning Heads of Terms are in the process of being agreed before the supermarket can be announced. Legal agreements are still to be signed, and a joint venture event is due in january 2016 for resident consultation (venue to be confirmed, subject to process being on track).


Primrose Open Space

*The public open space on the Primrose Estate will be developed with new play equiptment, games areas, seating and planting. Initial consultation has been undertaken, however more will be done nearer the time of installation.

  • Contact:
  • Bali Paddock – Regeneration Project Manager Tel 303 3968
  • Anne Weston – Regeneration Project Assistant Tel 303 6151


  1. When are the works going to be undertaken by the developers and construction firms…? I rent a property out close to where the works will be carried out and want to know when the works will be starting and when they will be completed.


  2. Hi Chris, I am at a Housing Meeting in town as I type I have asked for details ASAP via the Head of Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust Manager – Andrew Hood.
    Will get back to you as soon as possible.
    I am also chasing the follow up as promised in the notes above from Bali Paddock

  3. Haven’t forgot both of your enquirers, have asked for details as above.
    Am planning on chasing tomorrow as still haven’t received an answer. The cogs sure do grind slowly regarding this regeneration !,

  4. I heard rumours that the flats at top icknield Street are coming down can you give me any information on this thank you


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