West Midlands Police are investigating a dog attack which left one dog dead and its 73 year old owner injured.

The attack happened between 6 – 7 am on Friday 16th October on the playing fields in Manor Farm Park, Northfield.

Police were called just after 7am yesterday morning to a report of a dog attack.

A police spokeswoman said: “The victim’s dog was seriously injured during the attack and has since died. The 73 year-old victim was knocked over during the incident and bumped her head.”

The victim was later admitted to hospital, having suffered a heart attack, where her condition is described as stable.

Investigating officers are reviewing CCTV as part of their enquiries.

The Animal House Rescue said that the victim’s dog, a greyhound, was attacked by a “bull breed type, white with tan patches/flecks. The bull breed was being walked by a male and was also accompanied by an Akita which we believe was not involved in the attack.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



  1. Please crack down on pitbulltype dogs and their iresponsible owners this is not the first attack on an innocent greyhound or whippet those bully breeds are dangerous and much stricter laws should be implimented and enforced. Thank goodness we have BSL if we diden´t complete chaos would ensue.

  2. Idiot! Have you ever owned a ‘bull’ breed??? Didn’t think so! I suppose you think you’re a responsible well balanced modern person…so why are you guilty of discrimination??? Twat!

    • Greyhounds are also often times abused and rescued, but they are not the ones mauling and killing innocent pets and children. We always hear how responsible bully breed owners are, but when their dog attacks, they usually run away and refuse to take responsibility.

    • I think the response by Nikki shows the type of people in possession of these breeds. Well done you are a great ambassador and My Lord I rest my case.

    • Calling someone a TWAt is a bit extreme when what they say is true. Pit bulls are an aggressive breed, if you knew anything about Dogs like you obviously do about pregnant fish you would know that they are used by organisations for their aggressiveness. Combine that with idiot Dog owners who get them to walk around the streets to show off their “Hoodie Power” like the little gangstas that they are and you end up with this happening.

      So next time you leave a comment, try and kickstart that second brain cell we all know you have, and THINK about the bigger picture.


  3. It used to be dobermans, or German shepards or rottweilers, now its staffies and other bull breeds. I wonder when Lisbeth will realise that it is the person on the other end of the lead which is the issue?

  4. Nikki have you ever had a dog attacked by a bull breed.? Did your 73 yr old mum have a heart attack as a result????? SOMEONE NEARLY DIED . You don’t have to own a gun to know it can go bang and kill people. and the fact that it can kill makes you think we need gun controls. Same with a bull breed you don’t have to own one to have an opinion. So I think you need to behave responsibly and wind your kneck in you are doing the bull breed no favours at all.

  5. Ok let’s ban everything that could possibly kill us shall we!? There’s nothing wrong with ‘bull’ breeds! There are more attacks by Labradors but I don’t hear you calling for them to be banned. Trio of pricks!

    • more attacks by Labradors? where did you get that info from Nikki? are those deadly attacks or bites?
      if it is the later,that would hardly be surprising as they are the most popular breed so their are more.about,as a percentage though they would be loser.

      of course your right about it being the owners who are at fault,but that doesn’t stop those type of owners choosing a more dangerous breed of dog,and even you must admit those chav’s are buying Labradors.

  6. I have owned bull breed type dogs for over 30 years n they do have the ability and sometimes temperament to cause serious harm.
    I do not allow them off leash in public places because of this.
    All dogs can bite n be unpredictable, so better to be safe then sorry.

  7. No! There are more staffies than Labradors by far! And that’s not to mention the other bull types. I would trust my staffie with my kids every time as opposed to let’s say…YOU!

    • Says who? You? I’m afraid not Nikki your just wrong on so many levels. There are more registered Labradors, then Jack Russel’s,then Staffies third,admittedly in poorer inner city area’s there are more Staffies and Bull types but not in the the whole UK.

      By the sound of you here,i must admit,like you, I’d probably trust your dogs with your kids to let’s say…YOU! as well,
      But would other people trust their kids with you or your dogs? I doubt it and hope not,as any reasonable adult would understand that any dog has attack potential if it feels it needs too. No matter how mild mannered or well behaved they usually are,and you don’t strike me as either reasonable or adult.

      Now how about putting yourself in this women’s position for a second,you know, that little thing called empathy.
      Her loyal companion was killed and she was injured by an uncontrolled dog. How would you like to be in her shoes right now you selfish narcissistic lump of detritus?

  8. I believe the owner should be prosecuted because we have been in manor park with my children walking and the guy lets his dogs run round with no lead on ? the dog ran towards my little girl and although he ran past her it freaked me out.

  9. I believe that it’s not the dog it’s the bloody owners, every dog has teeth it’s the way there brought up there’s kids killing kids out there yet not all kids are the same as same goes with dogs.

  10. Let’s be fair to everyone. ALL dogs in public should wear a muzzle. No more bites, whatever the size of the dog, the problem stems from the fact that the dog has a greater IQ than the owner and the dog knows it whereas the owner doesn’t.


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