UPDATE 13/10/15 The timings on the lights to exit High Street have been lengthened today. Let us know if you see an improvement!

A fault with traffic light timings at a busy Longbridge Lane junction has caused long delays for traffic trying to exit the High Street. Queues stretched from Sainsburys car park, with frustrated drivers left waiting as just 3 or 4 vehicles made it through each green light. 

One customer of Sainsburys, Dave Harte, said that the lights to exit into Longbridge Lane were only staying green for around 6 seconds.

Dan Phelps tweeted: “Ridiculous queues to get out of [Longbridge]. Going to be so much worse when M&S opens. @B31Voices please tell me there is a plan.”

The timings on the traffic lights have always been short for the cars exiting High Street. However, as the town centre is developing and getting busier, the effect on traffic queues seems to be worsening. 

After being contacted yesterday (Friday 9th October) by St Modwen’s Mike Murray, Longbridge Councillor Andy Cartwright requested that Amey, who are responsible for maintenance of traffic lights across the city, attend the lights and address the issue.

Amey said that the situation was not an emergency and would be attended to on Monday.

However, businesses in Longbridge were concerned about the effect on their customers.

Cllr Cartwright said: “I contacted Amey who told me they were coming out, which they did. They then said it was not an emergency.

“I was also contacted by the manager of Sainsburys, who is shocked they have not acted. I will be talking to the press later as this is not fair on local residents and businesses.”

Have you been affected by this issue? Will it put you off returning to Longbridge town centre?


  1. Took me nearly 30 minutes to get out of sainsburys on Sunday afternoon. Not ideal with a car full of defrosting food and items for fridge as it was quite a warm afternoon. Would put me off going back again if I was short on time

  2. The situation with the cars and car parking around Sainsburys and Bournville College is a joke at the best of times. A combination of only having one entrance/exit to the whole development is made worse with traffic lights that only allow around 5 cars off the site but 20 or so on to it. The traffic lights outside Longbridge Station stay red for so long cars back up to the traffic lights at Sainsbury’s allowing even fewer cars off the site. Add to this, people parking anywhere they feel outside Sainsbury’s and Bournville College because they are too idle to walk the 100 yards to the car parks and finally St Modwen who are responsible for the parking that do nothing to enforce the parking restrictions, all contribute to the chaos we see daily. Joined up thinking is definitely not apparent and no-one appears to want to take responsibility for sorting it out.

  3. They’ve altered them ok. Now at 6am I’m sat at a red light waiting for nothing to continue up Longbridge lane. Amey are useless. Just move one problem to somewhere else. Cllr Cartwright needs to come down Longbridge Lane towards the Bristol road.
    The pedestrian crossing by the shops/ old bus terminus need urgent attention. The lights on one side of the road are hidden by a no entry sign. The ones on the near side are hidden by a tree.

  4. I’ve had to shop elsewhere, I don’t have time to sit in traffic. Its causing stress to drivers and long unnecessary delays. AMY do your job and sort it

  5. They really should ditch the lights and put in place a traffic island. Lights are rarely a good idea, all they do is slow the traffic, cause hold-ups and causes road-rage through frustration.

  6. there MUST be some form of traffic control in and out of the area!! The amount of time I nearly have a collision, bump a pedestrian, or get bumped by a driver is ridiculous. There needs to be some form of TRAFFIC CONTROL!


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