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Northfield Arts Forum: An Introduction.

Hello! We are Northfield Arts Forum, or NAF. I know i know, but think of the marketing:
NAFCaf, a community arts cafe.
NAFstaff, does what it says on the tin.
NAFlaff, comedy nights.
NAFchaff, a northield half marathon.
NAFgiraffe, a community arts ZOO!
NAF ….ermmmm…. path? ok. you got me.*

*non of these things exist. But they COULD. honest.

Anyway, I digress, I thought we should introduce ourselves to those who haven’t met us yet:

Northfield Arts Forum is one of 10 groups set up around birmingham with an aim to support local arts, facilitate projects and events, and to generally have fun in the community with inspirational creative activities (each district has a local arts forum).

Our name is somewhat confusing; we cover Longbridge,parts of Weoley and Kings Norton a well as Northfield, linking up with many wonderful organisations throughout the year such as POL, Northfield Culture Mash, Friends of Kings Norton Park, to name a small handful of the quality groups we have across our area. We are run by a team of wonderful volunteers who are passionate about the quality and depth of arts and creativity in our area, as well as keen to link up and exciting opportunities with external arts groups where ever possible.

We also put on our own regular events; our Arts March is a yearly event, with various workshops, shows and projects across the area over the month of March. We ran a Fun Palace this year, and hope to make it regular, and we will be holding our yearly extravaganza of Music! Dance! Draw! once again this easter, linking local dance classes/groups with art groups, individuals and community groups. Putting on a celebration of the high quality of local dance, linked with interactive art sessions and performances.

We normally meet on the first monday (except bank holidays and january, then we move to the 2nd monday) of every month at 6.30pm to chat through ongoing projects and up and coming ideas for the future. We would love you to join us, the venue is most often the Black Horse in Northfield, but updates are always put on our Northfield Arts Forum facebook page, so do click “like” on there to be kept up to date.

If you would like to link up with us, feel free to come to a monthly meeting, the next one is our AGM, 2nd Nov upstairs at the Black Horse pub northfield, 6.30pm. Or you can get in touch by clicking on our facebook page/emailing You can also find us online at

We are always looking to get more people involved in the running of the forum, new groups to link up with to support, new ideas (but if you bring one, you have to run with the idea yourself with our support!) and new funders. We are always looking for new funders to invest in our wonderful community, to hire quality artists based across the area, to train those who want to do moe in the creative arts both young and old, to pay for arts and crafts materials to deliver workshops for kids of all ages (0 to 100, all welcome to come and make with us) and to celebrate, to put on events that recognise and celebrate what we have going on here in Northfield/longbridge/Weoley/Kings Norton, and, as I imagine you already know as well if not better than us, there is loads and loads of quality here, sparking under the surface, ripe for discovery.

Much Love, Olly. Northfield Arts Forum Coordinator.


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