Longbridge Police Station, the base for Longbridge & Northfield neighbourhood teams
Longbridge Police Station, the base for Longbridge & Northfield neighbourhood teams

A proposal to close local police buildings – 28 in total across the force –  is to be presented to the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner next week, in a bid to save the force £8.5 million.

West Midlands Police force have been tasked with making savings of £130 million by 2020.

The proposal would see Longbridge – home to Longbridge and Northfield neighbourhood teams, Hillwood (Bartley Green) – base for Weoley and Bartley teams, and Kings Norton stations closed and sold.

Officers based at these stations would operate from other buildings on the South Birmingham area, meaning they would have to travel further to the communities they serve.

West Midlands Police said: “The force will present the proposals to the Police and Crime Commissioner at his Strategic Police and Crime board on Tuesday 6 October. If the proposals are given approval, a range of engagement activity will take place to ensure we share the proposals with key groups in our communities before a decision is made. ”

ACC Michele Larmour, force lead for local policing, said: “Many of these sites have been part of the police estate for a number of years and as such, we understand local communities may feel a connection to specific buildings. However many of our buildings have high running costs, are poorly located and are not fit for future operational purposes.”

Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: “As the cuts continue to bite we are faced with some really tough decisions. The Government has consistently continued to disproportionately cut funding in the West Midlands and the challenge is how we maintain the service that the public comes into contact with.

“I will wait to hear the full report from West Midlands Police on this in early October but my view is that we must do all we can to support officer numbers. If that can be achieved by reducing the police estate further then that should be given serious consideration.” he added.

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  1. this is shocking and yet another short sighted step in reducing local policing we will in 5 yrs time wonder why local crime has gone up!! ASB is already going up. 101 is a joke. driving stds are terrible. mobile phone use, unlicensed moto bikes etc etc We don’t see officers on the beat. This is handing our neighbourhoods over to the bullies and drug users… be afraid or protest its up to you!

  2. The police cuts are very concerning at a time when I feel we need the police on our streets.
    With two town centres in our district in Northfield and the new town centre in Longbridge I do feel this could be the wrong move.
    Locally crime seems to be going up which emphasise the need for neighbourhood police.
    The police station on the Bristol road south I feel will sadly be missed. It was not a walk in station but I do feel it’s presence was there for the community.
    What is worry is Bournville station is too far for residents from Frankley and some parts of Northfield to get to.
    Our police force do a great job and as a councillor I’ve seen first hand the role they play in our community.

  3. Well i wondered when it was going they have already sent a majoriety of police from here to other stations, so now we are left with a hand full of police and i do mean a hand full. They are stretched to the limit to the point of not turning up to a coffee morning for concerened residents, as i believe the officer on was on his own or at least 1 more and call out to an insident. So was not able to attend. We had 1 councilor come and that wAs it from anywhere. The crimb dealing are so stretched they cannot afford to police arears. The police who have moved on are no longer allowed to police our area which is a shame as they were fantastic in sorting out crimb and keeping it down now it will climb and is climbing. And they want to take what little we have. I say the top police are not needed unless they get back to old fashion policing and given back authority as they have none which is a shame. We were frighten if we saw a police officer as we played ball where we were not ment to but they just spoke to use and we moved now they get a load of abuse. This does not go well with me, i am discusted at the policing altogether its a shambols. The are pussy cats not lions like they used to be. They will close longbridge for sure and then i say goodbye to police officers that i now consider friends like the ones i have already list from there. So sad ..

  4. What has this country coming to. Police forces are subject to barbaric cuts from a conservative government that does not care about the public. Crime will go up. While we send millions to overseas. I look at it this way. We will have private companies running the police, that’s what Cameron wants
    I am from London, and I am sick of it


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