A public meeting has been called against the proposed closure of the Focus Centre, a well used community centre at Turves Green Girls’ School. 

The meeting will be held at the centre at 11.30am on Tuesday 22nd September. 

We’ll leave it to the Focus Group Family Members to explain why the centre is so valuable to the local community: 

Turves Green Focus Community Centre is not just a community centre, it is a place for people to go when they are lonely, when they are depressed, when they simply need the company of other people and to talk. I’ve heard it described as a ‘lifesaver’, ‘a safe place’, ‘a haven’. For some it is a short time away from family, to take a deep breath and relax, to be themselves for a while. For others it is the only time they get out of the house and meet other human beings. 
People come to the centre feeling exhausted from the pressures and stresses of modern life and leave with a smile (and a hug from Stella). There’s a Toddler Group, an allotment, a Christmas party, tea parties, craft fairs and many other events held throughout the year, all very well attended. Stella Turner plays an integral part in all of this, she is central to the success of this community centre. Stella is full of empathy and kindness, one of life’s genuinely caring and loving people. It is difficult to describe Stella and the incredible work that she does, but she is an inspiration to us all.

This is not simply a community centre, this is a family. We all know and care about each other, we teach each other new skills, we offer comfort and support in a safe environment, we take care of each other; the frail, the elderly, the lonely, the isolated. It cannot be stressed enough that Stella and this community centre are central to the wellbeing of so many people.

With the NHS on its knees and mental health becoming more and more of an issue I think it is incredibly short-sighted to close Turves Green Focus Community Centre. More of these community centres should be made available, not less, they play a crucial part in the welfare and unity of the community. To make Stella’s position redundant and to close the community centre is simply not good enough. No thought has gone into the impact that this will have on the people who regularly use this centre, no alternative provision has been suggested, it is simply being disposed of without any care or consideration. This is indefensible.

We would like Stella Turner to continue her marvelous work and we would like Turves Green Focus Community Centre to remain open to all those who need it.

There is a meeting at the Focus Community Centre on Tuesday 22 September at 11.30am to discuss the proposed closure. We would be grateful if you could attend to support us in our endeavor to keep our family together.



  1. There are very few facilities for the older generation in the local area, so to close what appears to be a great and much needed facility would be criminal. Modern day life is so difficult for many people, including the elderly, so to have somewhere to go to get away from things, have some company and perhaps get some advice, is invaluable.


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