Cllr Brett O'Reilly (L) and MP Richard Burden (R)
Cllr Brett O’Reilly (L) and MP Richard Burden (R)

A parking company that issued penalty charges to blue badge holders in a Northfield car park have said that charges may be refunded. 

On taking over the small car park on the corner of Church Road and Bristol Road in Northfield town centre, Napier Parking introduced new 24/7 charges for all users, including blue badge holders. The new charges were clearly stated on new signage by the payment machine.

However, blue badge holders, who previously could park without charge in the car park when it was managed by Birmingham City Council, were caught out by the new charges as signage stating that the charges applied to them was not prominent. The notice was on signage by the payment machine, which many did not check as they did not realise that had a cause to use it.

Several complained that they had been issued with a £90 penalty charge by Napier.

The issue was raised with the company by MP Richard Burden (Labour, Northfield) and Cllr Brett O’Reilly (Labour, Northfield) and Napier have agreed to erect clearer signage on the change for blue badge holders. No further penalty charges will be issued to blue badge holders until the signage has been installed.

Anyone who holds a blue badge and has been caught out by the change and received a penalty notice can apply for a refund within 6 months if the charge has already been paid. Outstanding penalty charges issued to blue badge holders will be cancelled. (This will only apply to notices issued where a blue badge holder has not been aware of the change in charges and not bought a ticket. It will not apply for other contraventions or if there is evidence that the badge holder was aware of the charge.)

Richard Burden said: “Whilst we appreciate that they are going to refund those Blue Badge holders who have already been ticketed, Cllr Brett O’Reilly and I are still concerned about the access issues and the ongoing charging of disabled people to park where previously it was free of charge and we will continue to discuss these issues with Napier.”

If you need help in applying for a refund or receive demands for a charge you think should have been dropped, contact the constituency office of Richard Burden for assistance on 0121 459 7804 or email


  1. private parking company’s firms like Napier are not legally allowed to fine or penalise drivers for misusing private land – they can only impose a charge for potential losses or damages. And if you refuse to pay, the only way they can get the money off you is to pursue you through the civil courts and even then the majority of cases are won by the driver..

    so before anyone pays these shysters anything please remember they have no legal right to fine you.


    • No arguments about having to pay for parking.however £90 is way too excessive a charge for potential losses or damages for one single PARKING space,for what could be a mistake or mishap and as such they are taking the piss so imo they deserve nothing,especially when they pretend the law is on their side,when in reality it’s a civil matter.

  2. In response to William – blue badges are awarded to people who have difficulty walking, which may be caused by many things from arthritis to breathlessness. If a blue badge holder wishes to visit one of the shops near the car park in question (Boots for example) it is the ONLY car park available to them.

    Well done to our MP for taking up this complaint on behalf of his constituents.


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