A 17 year old has today appeared before Birmingham magistrates, charged with attempted murder following a shooting in the Cock Hill area of Rubery last month.

The teenager from West Heath was arrested on 19th August, two days after a 17 year lad was shot and seriously injured in a flat in Dowry House, Rubery Lane South.

The teen, who can not be named due to his age, was bailed while further investigation was carried out before the charge was made.

He has now been remanded in custody until he appears before Birmingham Crown Court on 17tg September.

The injured teen was released from hospital a week after the incident.

Three other men, two 19 year olds and a 31 year old, who were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder remain on police bail pending further enquiries.


  1. It sure is getting worse its a scary world we live in in smack bang in middle of Northfield weoley n Bartley its all around me these crimes so scary as i have little ones myself

  2. The old bill need to be more tooled up, they should have pistols to defend themselves and us never mind handcuffs shoot then ask. It’s gone to far we need new order

  3. Insane world we live in..guns,knifes,wars,roadrage.
    Young people have a fear factor of zero today.
    They are not scared of anything,and will go to any measures to seek revenge..
    I can see why people stop in there houses,and don’t go out much anymore.
    To much trouble on our streets today.
    The police do a good job under hard times.
    Good news they got the person.

  4. I’m sorry, but the police do ‘F’ all! I live in bartley drive where a loaded 9mm pistol was recoverd from five vermin along with a car from a burgalry. We have several serious issues here including but not limited to ASB, class A drug dealing, theft etc. The local community police station is about 150 yards away! The council say it’s a police matter.. The police refuse to accept reports of crime and never show their faces! In ten years I have never seen a copper walk through this estate! Although they do like to walk across the empty park in pairs!! Crime is not going down. What is happening is the police are refusing to acknowledge crime and so it’s never registered as crime. All I can say is from personal experience things are rapidly going downhill. Of course they will investigate when its too late and people are lying dead or maimed.. But I want police to tackle the issues when reported and so it never comes to that. FUCK THE LAZY POLICE!

  5. I myself have noticed the police like a nice quiet walk through the park and on a really hot day they take the bikes out for a spin just to burn off that(take)all day breakfast they enjoyed in munch cafe with a tea,chat and that humorous bobby banter. Then back to the station to shuffle a bit of paper and go home to there loved ones who probably worry sick about them crime fighting in there stab proof vests armed to the teeth with pepper spray and battens.
    avoiding crime struck areas will keep the figures down a bit and even Make them look good statistically. Let’s face it they ent stupid ‘why create work for themselves’

    Meanwhile us idiots pay there wages while working our fingers to the bone doing shifts that never end and gradually get longer year after year. Sometimes I wish I was a pig but that’s my own fault for sticking up for myself in school.

  6. Personally I believe the police do a decent job with the resources they have. They have been raped and pillaged by the government and left stripped back to the bone. A stab vests baton and ppepper spray isn’t going to be much protection against a gun yet they still patrol the streets and protect us for very little pay. I do feel the police cannot do a worthwhile job nor can they investigate all crimes which leads to these problems but it isn’t their fault. Maybe if they did report every crime and leave any they can’t investigate as an open case the government may just realise the scale of the problem.

  7. Direct action against drugs. Simple you take the lower tier street level dealers out of business with no police involvement as it is plain too see the police n cps are not interested at this level of dealing this is due too the fact that it does not affect them they don’t live in areas were the smell of cannabis is in the air most times of the day being smoked or grown.time to fight back

  8. Drugs are not the issue, all levels of society have a toot or Chong of some kind, it doesn’t help but it’s not the common denominator

  9. By gentle words maybe even Poetry. What do you think by the only language scum understand. They should be shown for what they are.they misery to weak individuals destroy families and Communities and then drive around like kings with youngsters looking upto them. That’s what is wrong with society we don’t say or do anything about it which in turn makes the problem once we strike once the fear of it happening too others like them or returning if they don’t change will overcome them.


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