A new academic year arrives again. Colmers welcomed its new pupils and students on Monday and it’s been a great first week back since then.

Our Year 7s have made a great impression with enthusiasm and hard work throughout the week. It’s always a big transition for pupils coming from relatively small schools to a large, secondary school with three separate buildings. The challenge is to remember where all the rooms are! It was lovely today to see one Year 7 pupil looking at his timetable to find his next lesson and turn to his friend and say, with a big smile, ‘I know where that room is, follow me!’

And we also welcomed our new Year 12s. Only a few months ago they were in Year 11 and dealing with GCSEs. To see them return as young adults, dressed in their very smart Sixth Form outfits, is a source of immense pride for all of us here at Colmers.

But that’s also true for all the students returning after their long summer break. As parents and carers know, ‘they grow up fast’! That’s never more true than seeing pupils return to take on a new Year and face new challenges.

Good luck to all our pupils and students for the year ahead.

Open Evening

Looking to next week, we have our Open Evening on Thursday (17th September) from 7pm to 9pm.

If you have a child starting secondary school in September 2016, please come along and see what Colmers has to offer.

These events always come around fast – just as your child is starting in Year 6 you’re also considering where they’re going to be this time next year. We’re here to answer your questions about the whole process and help you plan those next steps.

Do join us next Thursday for what is always an enjoyable evening as the school opens its doors to the pupils of its future.

Until next Friday, dear reader. May the week ahead treat you kindly and this sudden sunshine decide to stick around for a bit!

Craig Boardman

Assistant Headteacher


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