Award winning discount food retailer, Aldi, is seeking public opinion on a proposal to open a store in Rednal. The proposed store would built be on vacant land close to McDonalds on Bristol Road South.

Local residents and business owners are invited to a public exhibition to view plans and submit opinions. A planning application has not yet been submitted to Birmingham City Council.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “We are excited about the prospect of a new store for residents in Rednal. The proposal would deliver investment and create much-needed jobs for the local area.

“We would like to encourage people to find out more about the proposal and discuss it with the project team at our public exhibition.”

Aldi claim that the proposal would deliver a multi-million-pound investment in the area, creating approximately 40 new jobs in store, as well as additional employment during construction, and supply chain opportunities. The company believes that the store would complement other local businesses.

Public exhibition to view and discuss the proposals:

  • When: 3-7pm, Thursday 17th September, 2015
  • Where: Rubery & Rednal British Legion, 64 New Road, Rubery, Birmingham B45 9HY

If you cannot attend the consultation event, you can call the free information line on 0800 298 7040 or visit the project website



  1. Don’t see how it would compliment other local businesses unless people buy a big mac after shopping or go to morrisons/sainsburys.
    I hope its big enough as the Northfield one is not and better parking. Go for it!

  2. its a good idea it will create jobs and at least it gives customers choice of where they shop on the great park supermarkets to suit all budgets so not a bad thing at all really

  3. We need this so much in Rednal, we only have Sainsburys and Morrisons and they are so expensive so we have to go to the northfield store which isn’t always convenient, I will definitely vote for a Aldi store.

  4. Bring it on, Sainsburys too expensive. Don’t think it would do Morrisons and Tesco much good though. Will definitely need a decent car park.

  5. I really hope aldi get planning permission to build a new store, maybe a super store if we lucky.
    Great food at sensible prices, it would be a god send to the area.
    Jobs & more.

    Sean Connolly,Company director of Emily Eve Bridal Boutique,Birmingham.

  6. Petrol stations, public transport, would benefit plus ppl from other areas might come this way instead of Northfield and see other great shops they didn’t know existed like city tool hire deejay home brew smithies tackle shop the bridal shop plus others they may not be every day shops but once in a while someone visiting aldi may pop over and spend a pound or 2

  7. I say bring it on, although I would rather see a Lidl. The larger supermarkets in the area could do with some competition. I do echo another comment though that it needs to be a decent size with adequate parking, as I agree, the one in Northfield is rather cramped.

  8. Bring it on, it would be amazing for this area.

    Aldi will also be the first food store to bring in a decent living wage in this area, that’s gotta be good.

    Fantastic food at great prices, expecally for hard hit family’s with low income.

  9. If they pop to maccys after they will be taking there lives in there hands it’s like Harlem after 8 o’clock now the kids from the college are back.
    They should re-name that place ‘bournville Compton’
    Honestly I had the pleasure of poppin for a McCrap so purchased a quick coffee to avoid being cheeky, I was only in the place 10mins and suddenly the ghetto boys landed and gave the doorman a load of crap, honestly what is the fascination with a fast food restaurant? It’s the same up town they sit in there not eating or drinking…
    … Go home and stop causing trouble wanabe gangsters

  10. There are shops in Rubery that would benefit by being frequented by these people who are complaining about Sainsburys prices.

  11. All I can say is wow, it’s about time the other supermarkets had a bashing, yes tescos, sainsburys, morrisons, even asda.
    Bring on Aldi…..

  12. We have been Aldi customers for years but the Northfield store is difficult to get to due to traffic and parking is difficult. This has made us travel to Bromsgrove but it is a long way. The prospect of a Rednal store is strongly welcomed..

  13. Competition is good, so many people will benefit. from this store opening.The prospect of a Rednal store would be strongly welcomed.

  14. Aldi is a yes for me, and hard hit family’s and the elderly need this store so much.
    The planning permission seems to be taking forever, proberly because morrisons & sainsburys are creating a stink……….

  15. Bring it on Northfield can be a nightmare trying to park, I normally end up at Bromsgrove or Halesowen it is just what the area needs but will need a big car park

  16. Great idea i love aldi but by the time i have paid for my shopping and bus or taxi fare to get home from northfield it is not worth it. This would be in walking distance for me so i would def do most of my shopping there.

  17. I have shopped at Aldi ever since the one at Redditch opened now I use Northfield every Monday great prices good quality food that as a pensioner I can afford this store wood be closer for me as I am semi disabled but please a bigger car park with more disabled parking for me Aldi is the best of the best bring it on and best of luck.


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