Update 22/8/15 3 men arrested have been bailed pending further investigation. Please call with any info – Police 101, Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

West Midlands Police have confirmed that 3 men have been arrested after a teenager was shot in Rubery yesterday afternoon (17th August).

Police were called by staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham when a 17 year old was carried into to the accident and emergency department by four friends.

The teen had suffered a gunshot wound to his abdomen and is in a critical condition this morning after undergoing emergency surgery.

A flat in Dowry House, Cock Hill, Rubery – believed to be the scene of the shooting – remains sealed off today.

Two 19-year-olds from Rednal and Frankley were arrested in Redditch and a 33-year-old was arrested in Rubery. All were detained yesterday on suspicion of attempted murder and continue to be held this morning.

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Russell, from West Midlands Police, is leading the investigation. He said: “The investigation is still in its early stages but so far three men have been arrested and a car and suspected drugs have also been seized.

“We have spoken to local people, identified CCTV which may have captured the shooting on camera and forensic scene investigators have been working hard in their search for clues.”

Longbridge councillor Ian Cruise said: “I’m shocked and disturbed by the shooting at Dowry House. This is despite the best efforts of Residents, Police, Councillors, Council Officers and our third sector partners to build community cohesion, cut crime & improve the life chances of people living on Cock Hill.

“I have asked Council officers to review security and the door entry system at all of the tower blocks on the Cock Hill estate. I would urge anyone with information that will bring the criminals responsible to justice to contact the Police. I sincerely hope the victim of this terrible crime makes a full recovery and my thoughts are with the victim and their family at this time”.

Anyone with information which may aid Det Chief Insp Russell’s investigation should call him on 101. Details can also be passed on anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


  1. A flat in Dowry House, Cock Hill, Rubery – believed to be the scene of the shooting – remains sealed off today…..
    We have spoken to local people, identified CCTV which may have captured the shooting on camera…

    Poor reporting

  2. Well done to the police for finding these scumbags so quick…
    I’m really not surprised that these low life dirty scumbags came off Frankley and the dowrys.
    Ide stake my mortgage on it…that it’s drugs…
    There really are some dirty filthy tramps living on Frankley and them cock hill flats….the council spent a fortune renovating those flats only to house nothing but scumbags and scroungers….most of the drug deals come from those flats….
    I just feel sorry for the decent people. Who have to live in them….
    Cockhill and Frankley has gone right down the nick….has to be two of the worst areas in Birmingham…

  3. Who is this twat Hunter get real you dickshit you cant condemn areas because a few local people fall into the catergory that you have described.thats slanderous to tar everybody from them areas as the up and fess up who you are lets see how mouthy you are when your hauled into court for defamating everybodys character because of where they is more than likely drug related but there are some good honest people living in them areas and as for saying they must be the two worst areas of bham get yourself out and about and I know for a fact you will definatly find far worse areas than the two you mentioned

  4. Hunter you are a cock that obviously only talks out his arse. I am from frankley born and bred, I aint no scum low life neither are 99% of the rest of the estate. Yes there are some idiots here but I could take you to anywhere in this country and show you scum. I would love to know what area you live in or should I say what fantasy you live in. Take a look at the crime statistics of frankley not all that bad mainly petty crime look at rubery and it paints a bleaker picture then rednal gets worse and Longbridge is on par with that west heath and weoley castle are far worse and Northfield just gets worse by the second.

  5. Think people are missing the point and the larger picture. A 17 year old boy is fighting for his life due to gun crime. Regardless of what area he resides in it is so sad that this has happened. I hope to god that he pulls through and those responsible are punished.its easy to pull a trigger but so hard too walk away.

  6. Well done West Midlands Police: it’s good when we get a spectacular result. I see we’ve had the usual ‘scumbag’ comments. Shocking though this incident is we should keep it in proportion. It’s likely that illegal drugs is a significant factor behind this shooting. Thousands of us will die from illegal drugs but millions of us will die from legal drugs. We create dark areas that are populated by deprived people and then call them scumbags. As a child I heard adults saying “they should do something”. It took me a while to work out that there was no ‘they’, just us. We have Neighbourhood Watch, Street Champions, Friends of Deelands Hall, Housing Liaison Boards, Parish Council and many other voluntary groups within a mile of my home. If you want to do something about scumbags give them a choice.

  7. Smack hit frankley before anywhere round here in the 90s then it spread to leyhill longbridge and other areas. Although the heroine epidemic has declined thank goodness frankley will always be the original pioneers in the opium field.
    Drugs still play a huge part in frankley economics to this day although I wouldn’t say drug use is over represented but every other house seems to have a dealer of some kind more than willing to flood the surrounding areas with narcotics.
    But well done to the police this time

  8. i have lived on Frankley for nearly 18 years. It was by choice since I was looking to buy a house in South Birmingham and I chose Frankley. There is good and bad everywhere. Many people on my road have bought their houses, because they are affordable and good value for those wishing to get on the property ladder. Yes, there are social housing tenants, some good, some bad, but no worse than anywhere else. I certainly wouldn’t leave Frankley just to go and live somewhere else in Birmingham.

  9. I will probably pop up frankley tonight for a 3 for 20. 2 white 1 bobby , let’s face it I can score anywhere in that dump it’s infested with dealers.

    Getting back to planet earth Anthony you should not be mocking the mentally ill, as for junkies the more they suffer the better, they deserve it

  10. Tbh this needs updating all 3 arrested were helping with enquires and were released not one was charged the real gunman has not been caught that’s why there has been no updates to the news which is bang out of order people thinking 3 people have been charged for attempted murder when actually they havnt been. So before you start slagging people and the areas none of the 3 arrested have had any involvement in the ahooting!

  11. Why?
    Do you want to drop me some gear off?
    Frankley my dear I don’t give a damn if you don’t like facts. That place is crawling with pushers and you know it.

  12. Is it f#@k your off ya head but you know all the terminology so maybe you are using to much. Your obviously around hereford close way.

  13. Anthony yes I am a heavy user from Hereford close you got me well done mate.
    The network that operates your area is bigger than you know and so sophisticated you will never know. Ironic really when you seem to know everything about people you don’t know x x

  14. Open forum…free speech everybody is entitled to have there say.
    That’s two shootings within a at cockhill and one in Northfield.
    The delights of living on council estates.

  15. Must be an absolute pleasure living in these areas.
    I’ve heard of this crackhill lane and Frankley…drove past there the other day…looks the pits…Green steal fencing around schools and doctors…what’s all that about..
    And them dodgy council pubs.
    Coldstream,bugle horn,licky banker,rose and Crown…I bet there crawling with drug dealers…
    Just hope the poor lad who got shot makes a full recovery…!!

  16. In my area suggesting you are not from this area then jeri?? I know a lot of drug dealers I know a lot of drug users I also knew a lot of both users and dealers that are no longer with us. It isn’t as sophisticated as you make out nor is it as rife. I have said it before every area has it’s shit no where is free from it but frankley definitely isn’t one of Birminghams worst area’s. Too many people look at the bad not the good. If it is drugs related I aint got to worry so I don’t care who is shot to be honest if you live by the sword….. I can walk my estate all times of day and night alone and never have I felt insecure

  17. I totally agree frankley is not one of the worst areas in birmingham, it’s not a scary place to go to at all.
    It’s just a bit of a dump with sh*t loads of dealers
    You happen to know lots of them.

  18. Not surprised at all…just heard greggs and the hardware store in arden Rd Frankley got held up the other day
    Two guys with knifes….
    These scumbags are spoiling people’s life’s who have to live around here…
    Signs of the despite times

  19. Even the shopkeepers need to be tooled up theese days,
    I mean if the ol bill are bowling round with CS gas and tasers, it says it all when they feel that scared they need walk the streets with weapons,
    Has anybody noticed the police only ride the cycles on hot days…
    …..oh look the suns out let’s have a bike ride and claim were understaffed like the nurses who stand around talking all night in the hospitals

  20. To many public cutbacks not enough police to fight crime today.
    I can see why some people end up dealing with it there own way.
    Does not matter if you live in posh areas or council estates…there will always be drug dealers and people carrying knifes and guns.
    This is an insane planet at times.
    To much conflict in the world today.
    I just hope that heaven is a much better place when I get there.

  21. I moved onto Frankley when the houses were being built.
    Still there now.
    Had many happy memories growing up around here.
    It was a great place in the 80s…
    But unfortunately like any council estate..times change and so do some people who the council put into these houses.
    There are alot worse areas to live in then Frankley and cockhill.
    And there are decent people that live around here.


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