A 16 year old girl, who can not be named for legal reasons, has been order to pay compensation and “make reparations” to two 14 year old girls she was caught on video bullying last month in Northfield.

Videos of the incident, in which the teen was seen forcing the two girls to their knees, hitting out and stealing a mobile phone, went viral on the Internet, attracting anger from viewers around the world.

Last month, the 16 year old pleaded guilty to assault and robbery at Birmingham Youth Court.

Today, the court has handed her a 10 month referral order with intensive contract. The teen will appear before a youth offender panel who will decide what reparations she will need to make to redress the harm she has caused. The victims wishes will be taken into consideration and agreed actions will then have to be done for the next 10 months or she will be sent back to court for resentencing.

The bully has also been ordered to pay £500 in total in compensation to her victims and her mother has been given a three-month parenting order, which will involve the regular attendance of guidance sessions.

Detective Constable Michelle Beasley said: “The girl in question has fully admitted the offences she was charged with and is disgusted by her own actions.

“This was an act of bullying in its most sadistic and spiteful form – people who viewed the footage online were quite rightly outraged by what they had seen.

“While it is only right the victims in this case have a say in how this girl will make up for what she has done, her real sentence is the video of her appalling behaviour, which is likely to remain on the internet haunting her for many years to come.”

A second 16 year old girl suspected of being involved in the attack has been interviewed by officers and her case is being assessed by the Crown Prosecution Service.

West Midlands Police had asked members of the public to remove the video from social media accounts while the case was ongoing.


  1. BS,no way she was that drunk during the attack,and if true from what she allegedly posted on Facebook afterwards,she was far from repentant. However I hope she takes The chance and change her ways. I still don’t understand how the lads present and filming haven’t had action taken against them,though,as without the group acting as they did through out, this couldn’t have happened, They acted as a group,so imo they should be punished as such.

  2. I agree, the whole group present on that evening should have to account for their actions . . . they all could have stepped up to the mark and put a stop to the attack on the two young girls.

  3. If all the Idiots on Facebook never put her address, and threaten to kill her, and also the people that went to her house and spray painted it, she WOULD have got a harsher sentance, BUT the court would have took into account of what “she and her family” have been through!!
    So to all the idiots that HAD to keep saying they was going to “kill her” and the people that kept putting her address when TOLD by the Police not to, and the REAL idiots that went to her house and vandalised the out side with paint YOUR to blame for this Girl getting a lesser sentance!!

    • Couldn’t agree more about the idiots who acted worse than the bully’s involved. Although i don’t think locking her up would have been a better option from what I’ve read.

  4. I agree why should the boys get away with it they were there and didn’t help the young girls
    hope she has now learnt her lesion bully has to stop

  5. it’ll be interesting to hear what action the police or CPS has or hasn’t taken action against the rest of the group,and if none,why not.,although i don’t suppose we’ll hear anymore now.
    anyone know how many there were in the group?

  6. Too much of this human rights shit today.
    These scumbags have no family values on life.
    The young people of today think the world owes them something.
    And to be honest I think Northfield is the chav city of the world.
    You only need to look around at the shops.
    Fair play to the public who posted her address online aswell.
    And as for social media…well they should just blow it all up…
    Facebook is the devil’s curse…

    • Whats Northfield and its shops got to do with it??? i’ve got a shop in Northfield.. been here for over 30 years, employ 18 staff.. Our customers are certainly not CHAVS !!!!!! far from it. That dreadfull incident happens everyday – everywhere..! not just in Northfield.

  7. The biggest problem with todays youth generation,is they are completely fearless and have no respect for anyone and anything.
    They don’t fear police,courts,judge’s nothing.
    You can blame the Internet,parentage Facebook,anything you like.
    Unfortunately this is how today’s society is evolving.
    Zero respect.
    The laws and the legal system in this country is an absolutely laughing stock.
    I was always told to respect the big three as a kid….your parents,old people,and the police.
    But today’s generation simply refuse to do just that.
    Iam afraid things will only get worse in this over populated country we live in.


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