West Midlands Police are investigating after a man was shot in the arm in Northfield yesterday afternoon (Friday 21st August).

The 21 year old injured man was found in Gibbins Road, Selly Oak just after 4pm. Police believe the incident in which he received the injury took place in Bridgeburn Road, Northfield. The man managed to drive himself as far as Gibbins Road before he flagged down a passing ambulance.

The man is still in a stable condition in hospital today.

Police are keen to trace two men who fled the scene in Bridgeburn Road. It’s thought that they made off in a blue hatchback car.

Anyone who was in or around Bridgeburn Road or Gibbins Road at around 4pm yesterday and witnessed anything untoward, or who has any other information, is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


  1. Come on Birmingham Mail & B31. I think Northfields getting a bad press again. I’m not the best at Geography but I would have said this is more Weoley Castle????

  2. Glad I’m not the only one AD…! Press sometimes need to use a bit of common sense & have at least have some idea of the areas they work within….

  3. It’s northfield to the end of long nuke where it then becomes weoley castle. when the woodcock was open everybody referred to them selves as northfield people and it’s is northfield all the way down to senellys park. Weoley castle is one big housing scheme separated the other side by the allotment and shenley court school

  4. Senellys park and the ressa divide northfield and Bartley green although they belong to Bartley. The Monmore area is Bartley green which is between the two as is Newman college.

  5. By the way leyhill is also northfield and so are the smiths houses over the brow of the hill between fourlands rd and bangham pit rd this is collectively known as bangham pit by locals. Hillwood shops are also northfield as is woodcock school.

    Every one on the manner says were northfield and we have a postcode to prove it

  6. Haha jeri now lives in northfield too and she slags frankley off. How is trampsville jeri??? South Birmingham is getting a bit rife with guns these past few months and the government are cutting back more on the police each day leaving working class like us more vulnerable to this type of crimethis is not the fault of the police at all over worked and under paid met is all gov see

  7. Northfield does have some lovely parts to it private estates like round the train station some lovely houses, we even have parts built by the village trust near our football ground, I particularly like the area by the fire station leading to the ford, others may prefer the brand new modern private housing estate back backing on to the river rea. Although the centre may need some attention to detail it has virtually all you need and the precinct has some top name stores,
    And the high st has all the some huge eateries for good old fast food.

    yes we have our odd trampy council area. But what else is frankey other than a trampy council area?

  8. Jeri are you for real or smoking a crack pipe? If everyone was to arm themselves the murder rate would rocket and we would end up with another america. Would you trust the EDL or MDL with guns? Go back to the bronx (Northfield) and think before speaking.

  9. Anthony we ent seen this many guns in northfield since jessy James robbed the bank I have to be straight, it’s a joke and embarrassing not to mention worrying.
    We need to protect ourselves.
    Arming mass mobs isn’t the answer but I don’t believe the policy’s of the edl are extreme.

  10. I aint asking about there policies I am talking about the idiots involved. Now I aint no hippy that loves Muslims I agree with edl principles too however as a white english taxi driver that was attacked by the edl and pulled out my cab punched and kicked all while being called a paki I get worried about idiots like that having a gun.

  11. Yes but moderate members get bad press because of a few extremist edl. It’s seems ok for people to stereo type edl lads but not any other group.


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