Officers seized a firearm and 5 men were arrested on suspicion of burglary in Northfield on Friday afternoon.

Police were called when a group of men were seen acting suspiciously around a Ford Mondeo in Bartley Drive at around 3pm on Friday 21st August.

The men ran off when approached by officers. They were chased through gardens before being apprehended in Cromwell Lane.

Four men aged between 17 and 27 were arrested on suspicion of burglary.

The Ford Mondeo was found to have been stolen in Maas Road on August 16th.

A fifth man, 24, from the MG Rover the men were using, was also arrested on suspicion of burglary. A hand gun and ammunition was discovered in a search of the vehicle.

All five have been bailed while further enquiries continue.

Superintendent Paul Minor, local policing manager for Birmingham South, said: “We take gun crime very seriously and the seizure of a handgun means one more gun is off the streets of Birmingham. The car has been seized and will now be forensically examined by specialist officers.

“Our investigations now continue and we would like to reassure the local community that our fight against serious crime continues.”

People are urged to report any suspicious activity in their area by calling West Midlands Police on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



  1. Here we go again.. B31 post code yes, yes, so technically it’s Northfield.!!!
    Bartley Green 2 mins & 0.5 miles away from Bartley Drive.. Weoley Castle Rd.. 4 mins & 0.8 miles away from Bartley Drive..
    Northfield Grosvenor Centre.10 minutes & 2.2 miles away!!
    Source: Google Maps… I dont live in any of these areas but give the good people of Northfield a break & whoever is responsible for reporting these stories give them a map!!!!!!!

    • Police report this incident as Northfield – technically, it is a Northfield postal address but is in Bartley Green Ward. We would say it’s more Bartley Green too but for accuracy, reported as the postal address: Northfield.
      We do a lot of work promoting the positive side of Northfield and surrounding areas on this site: check out the #PositiveB31 posts :)

  2. not sure it matters much whether its northfield or rubbery or whatever what does concern is 3 separate shootings in a fortnight within 1 mile of “crow flying” from us all!!! worrying and the government says “crime is down” and we can cut the police… err DONT BELIEVE YOU DAVE!

  3. I live in Northfield and have no problems. Not a “Pig hole”, but the place I choose to live. All areas have good and bad parts. Your comment angers me when there are so many good people in Northfield. I dare say you live in such a glorious area! Keep your self centred comments to yourself

  4. P if you are stood in 1 foot from the pavement on the road you are nearer the center of the pavement than you are the center of the road. But still in the road.
    Because you are closer to a center of an area does not make you in that area. dick head
    As for guns becoming common place in northfield we will all need to arm our selves eventually. I personally am thinking about joining a clay pigeon club just so I can legally arm myself, a couple of guns in the house we make me and my family feel safer, out of interest does anybody know some one selling a house trained Rottweiler just had the carpets fitted?

  5. Thank you for kind words Jeri & the brief geography lesson. You sound absolutely delightful. Thankfully I live far enough away from you to not be disturbed by (possibly!) your new pet Rottweiler.
    Please refer your complaint to Lars Rasmussen co founder of Google Maps who I am sure you could put right on a few things with your sound knowledge of geography.

    Kind Regards

  6. I have never heard common sense called ‘ sound knowledge of geography ‘ before.
    I you ever need more help with the bloody obvious I will be here for you, consider me a friend.
    Yours delightfully jerry x

  7. Jerry or jeri can’t even spell her own name #genius oh and joining a clay pigeon club does not mean you can legally own a shot gun. You would need a license for the gun a secure lockable cabinet that is checked by the police. Everyone in the house would be CRB checked and the cartridges would need to be securely stored away from the guns. Not that handy if you need in a rush for obvious reasons.

  8. Yea ya right tony man my spelling ent the best, just tryin to keep ahead of the game, I feel vunerable sometimes ignorance is probably best but I can’t ignore guns guns guns every week.

  9. Yep as suspected.. The 27 year old lives in bartley drive and has been causing a nuisance for along time now until it has progressed to this! These people are low life cowardly scum. Pretty steriorypical of that kind to be honest. I urge anyone who suspects they have been a victim to contact police and dig a hole these mugs can’t get out of. Prison.. The only place for them and the longer the better! A 27 year old hanging around teens. Isn’t that equivalent to groomin????

  10. Grow a pair of bollocks and protect your family. I obviously have bigger balls than you willever have as I can protect my family without a weapon you drip. You know jack shit about me or my life nor how I protect my family so here is a snippet you jumped up s!@9. I once witnessed a murder committed by someone who lived in the next street I went to the police who had me I.d them. Their solicitor was present as is the law and he then asked his client if he had any grudges with me as I had picked him out. He was then given fucking bail and my family and home was targeted I stood my ground and never shyed away from anything after 2 months of hell it stopped I won he got off with his murder and I still see him around but Inever once wanted to arm myself nor my family. The police was no help I was alone but I won so don’t f@#@ing talk to me about growing bollocks jeri

  11. Omg i fought this was about the burglary not about abusing each other yes Northfield has gone right down hill all sorts of scum bags r here now but in sure as hell any area u move to is same these days i just cant believe these scum bags have been given bail wtf!!!!

  12. what is going on is the mass exidus from london, and all the surrounding areas {trouble will ensue} the goverment are clearing all the ;BAD; blood from the capital because of non payment of rent ,eviction ,relocation for crime commited,or just relocation to get out the gang culture and move to, easy pickings areas , like more northern suburb,s


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