Love gazing dreamily at the stars? Awestruck with wonder at what’s up there? Yet never fancied lugging a full sized telescope up the Lickey Hills to get a better view?!

A Rubery company, developers of the successful Night Sky series of mobile phone apps, may have just the solution for you! iCandi Apps have just launched an amazing device to turn your iPhone into a stargazing telescope – the Night Sky MiniScope is small, lightweight and just as mobile as you and your smartphone.

Andy Weekes from Rubery left his post as a music teacher at St Thomas Aquinas School in Kings Norton when his company iCandi Apps enjoyed a huge hit with the original Night Sky app.  The company have since further developed the app and the latest version, Night Sky Pro, has also enjoyed massive success, featuring in the Apple App Store.

And now Andy has taken a step further, launching  the Night Sky Miniscope, a telescope designed to work with the app on your iPhone!


So,  if you fancy identifying what’s overhead – stars, satellites – and capturing shots like these on your humble iPhone, you can purchase your very own Night Sky Miniscope at a discount for a limited time. Enter the code: b31voices10 at check out to receive 10% off your purchase! (Valid until 24th July)

B31 Voices is lucky enough to have a telescope to review!


The stylishly designed black box was received with much excitement and we’re going to share with you what’s in the box!

A lot of effort has gone into making this product look and feel special, starting with the handcrafted box, embossed with silver stars, specially designed for the First Edition. “Wonder no more” the box proclaims, hinting at a promise of something magical.


Lift the star studded lid to find a Certificate of Authenticity for the first issue of the MiniScope.


Lift out the tray to get your first glimpse of the MiniScope itself! Wow! A sturdy piece of kit, made of brushed aluminium (space grey – of course!), making it beautiful to look at. Lift it out to discover the scope its lightweight yet weighty enough that it feels solid and reliable. The MiniScope also comes with a ball head mini tripod to get you started, but the universal fitting means you can use the telescope with any tripod.


The MiniScope feels solid and the mechanical focus action is soft and smooth.


The MiniScope gives you 50x optical zoom, and you can get up to 500x digital zoom when used in conjunction with the Night Sky apps, and boasts “finely polished precision glass lens elements”.image

Attach the MiniScope to the tripod provided (or your own!) and you’re ready to  attach your iPhone and start exploring the skies!


And you needn’t worry about how you’re going to attach it – the Night Sky MiniScope comes complete with a full range of iPhone cases that attach to the MiniScope so you’re good to go! There’s even a carry pouch and polishing cloth so you can keep your MiniScope in good condition.



Attach your iPhone to the Nighht Sky MiniScope and you’re off! Fire up your preferred Night Sky app and start exploring. The apps magically identify what you are pointing your phone at and a comprehensive tutorial walks you through the settings you need for taking different shots: moon photos, constellations and star/satellite trails. If you feel a bit bewildered at any point, you can easily pop back in to tutorials for help.

It’s all there at your fingertips and opens up a world (or out of this world?!) of discovery! You really can “Wonder no more”.

The Night Sky MiniScope Limited First Edition is available to buy at £269 (including all the above and free express shipping) 

B31 Voices readers can purchase their very own Night Sky Miniscope at a discount for a limited time. Enter the code: b31voices10 at check out to receive 10% off your purchase! (Valid until 24th July)




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