Whilst England are enjoying a rest after success (hopefully) in the second test against the Aussies in the Ashes, Birmingham Councillors will be battling it out on a cricket field at the Holford Drive Community & Sports Hub in Perry Barr for the bragging rights in the council house.

A team of Birmingham Labour Councillors will be playing against a team made up of Birmingham Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors.

Ex- Warwickshire County cricketer Dan Dalton, now a Tory MEP, will be making an appearance for the Tory/Lib Dem team!

We understand that the sledging has already commenced in the council house!

Cllr Waseem Zaffar said:  “The Birmingham Labour Party dominated the local and parliamentary elections in Birmingham this May. This domination will continue when the Birmingham Labour Councillors defeat the Coalition of Tory and Lib Dem Councillors next Wednesday.”

Whatever your party allegiance, whether you like cricket or not, this promises to be a truly  unique and enjoyable event for the whole family.

The fun takes place Wednesday 22nd July at the Holford Drive Community & Sports Hub, Hoford Drive, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2TU.

The Birmingham Lord Mayor, Cllr Ray Hassall, will officiate the coin toss at 2 PM and it’s totally FREE!

Cricket photo by Mark Hooper on Flickr. Click for original 


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