Update Tuesday 14/7/15:

West Midlands Police say: “Detectives have already spoken to two of the group involved − including a male youth who filmed the incident − and plans are in place to arrest the two female offenders.”

Inspector John Askew from Birmingham South Police, said: “The response from members of the public, clearly disgusted by what they’ve seen online, has been overwhelming and we’ve had lots of people getting in touch to provide names of those responsible.

“We have identified the two main suspects and plans are in place for one of the girls, a 16-year-old, to attend a police station for questioning later today. We understand the other main suspect is out of the country on holiday but we will speak to her upon her return.

“I would like to reassure everyone this is being treated very seriously and that the enquiry is progressing…under no circumstances should anyone take matters into their own hands as this could leave them liable to prosecution themselves.”

A series of videos of girls being bullied in Northfield, which has gone viral on Facebook, are being investigated by West Midlands Police. Officers were already looking into the incident after it was reported to them on Saturday.

In a statement they say: “We are aware of a video circulating on Facebook that shows two teenage girls being attacked by a group in Northfield.

The offence was reported to us on Saturday night and detectives have been following several lines of enquiry to trace those responsible.

The unprovoked attack against the girls, both aged 14, happened at around 10pm on Saturday (11 July) in Hilary Grove [public footpath opening into Sir Herbert Austin Way].

The violence shown against these two girls is completely unacceptable and our investigation is progressing quickly. This kind of mindless attack will not be tolerated in Birmingham and those involved will be brought to justice.

Thanks to everyone who has messaged to make us aware of the video.”

The three videos, posted on Facebook today and viewed millions of times, show the two teenagers being humiliated by another while others look on and laugh. The bully is seen telling the two to get on their knees and say sorry for giving “dirty looks”. In other parts of the video, the bully is seen throwing a teen’s bag onto the A38 dual carriageway and pinning one girl to the ground before making her kneel and take of her shoes.

The videos caused outrage on social media with many people publishing personal details of the alleged bully and numerous hate pages and fake accounts being set up. In a comment on their own Facebook page, West Midlands Police said: “We would advise against people publishing names and contact details publicly. Those involved will be dealt with by us through the justice system. Thank you.”

Anyone with information about those responsible is urged to call DS Dean Gordon on 101 or contact, Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.



    • What I do not understand is. It now says a series of girls being bullied have appeared. So why was nothing done earlier. Disappointed in our Police.

      • Why are you disappointed in the Police, they are investigating, they now have her name etc and she will be bought to justice, It happened less than 48 hours ago , the do have to have time to find out who is involved, you should be more disappointed at the fact that people stood and watched it happen !!!

  1. I hate bullies ,bullies are ugly lowlife who have nothing in their lives really would like to have been there when this happened ,and for the person videoing this event did you find it amusing .for the two young girls that were bullied you really are beautiful girls and UNFORTUNATLY the ugly lowlife are just jealous of you .so hold your heads high and show them how low they are

  2. What !! The police actually going to do sumit wen my 14 yr old was attacked and my 16yr disabled nephew was bullied for over 10 minutes in Northfield they broke my sons cheek bone they came out said tgey would be in touch and never did the lads that done this was 18 to 21yrs old its a discrase the lads can still walk like its ok it isnt and they will be sorted by myself as police have had enough time and done nothing

  3. Its a joke how ppl are virul media response and the police act I will say those lads n girls that do this get away with it if it dnt get cought on video well I will not let go wot happend to my son and newphew im deal with it police are no gud so its a diy

    • Thats awful eva but did the police have a name or any other way of proving who the attacker was, if not there’s not a lot they could have done sadly x

  4. This is disgraceful and the disappointing thing is that justice will not inflict the punishment deserved on these perpetrators! The government needs to wake up, stop all the wrapping up in cotton wool that criminals use as a tool to minimise impact to them and seriously give out punishment that is fitting and ensure people will think twice! It’s disgusting!

  5. I am disturbed by the video and equally disturbed by the lack of intelligence in the comments on here. Did any of you go to school? The lack of grammar and the loose grasp of the English language is appalling!!

    • Don’t be so petty.
      Yet again another prime example of a want to be troll not focusing on the main subject at hand.
      You even stupidly state that you are just as “disturbed” bye the comments – How warped you are.
      There is intelligence in the comments – Its you who is out of touch.
      I don’t see you offering eva any words of encouragement or help.
      Get off your ivory castle and take a reality pill and while you are at it stop being so downright petty.
      The issue here is dealing with vermin on our streets and not peoples unfortunate story’s.
      Self centred little cretin that you are.

  6. They should humiliate her in public’ just like she did to those two girls and also the scum that stood by and encouraged it. Make her write on her knees ” I am a bully ” in chalk on the pavement along northfield high st on a sat afternoon. seriously she needs a wake up call and any future punishment should include making her attend victims of bullying workshops. then and only then will she see the damage that people like her cause.


  8. just seen the video’s on it must be horrible for all the parents involved to to see their daughters in the video,especially those of the bullied girls. just hope they catch up with all the other jackanapes involved who facilitated, filmed and laughed at their friends actions. personally I’d make them reverse roles and have the group of bullies on their knees apologizing to the girls and their family’s before making them pay compensation to the girls and starting their long community service orders.

  9. I am just so disgusted by the video it actully brings tears to my eyes that no one helped them or that the people laughfing and filming didnt see that it was wrong the people involved should be locked up but seriously what is wrong with these bully’s is there life so misrable they have to hurt others.

  10. That’s absolutely disgusting how dare they their just vile people being bully’s and I dont know how they sleep at night I really dont

  11. These bullies should be made to wear a boarder advertising beware I am a bully keep away from me I am a disgrace and shouldn’t have friends and also they need to go to a army camp doing tough work and write to these girls who they bullied thank goodness it wasn’t mine they did it to because they wouldn’t bully another child how would they like it done back to them the girls should get the birch who attack these pretty girls what the saying what goes round comes round but harder

  12. Bring back National Service……compulsory!
    If young people are not in further education or full time work then NS will (in my opinion) provide numerous benefits to the UK.
    It will get layabouts off benefits, instil respect, discipline and show them what a good honest days work is.
    The namby-pamby way ‘some people’ are dealt with is pathetic.
    OK, there will always be bullies, thieves…..and all the other no good types in this world but the lack of respect, decency and discipline only seems to be in a minority. And I agree with name & shame too.
    When I was a kid a clip round the ear from the local Bobby put you in your place. Didn’t do my generation any harm.
    Manners & respect were second nature to me.

  13. So now the police are requesting the Facebook community to remove sharing of this video to respect the victims.

    In all honesty, I find this request annoying and typical police and just continues to demonstrate the lost faith we have in the police and the system.

    Personally, the people behind the camera actually done the victims a favour without probably realising it. And I think this kind of incident needs to remain exposed and receive the media it deserves to get our pathetic excuse of a country to really do something about it!

    The victims have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of it feel humiliated in any kind of way! They have the full support of the large majority of decent folk in this country and we share their upset and tears too!

    Like every decent folk, we all know what we’d love to do to these pathetic cretins, yet wouldn’t or couldn’t as it would only put us on the wrong side of the law and make us as bad as these idiots. Despite people’s feelings for revenge.

    So in my eyes, this should be backed up by a petition, keep the exposure and put enormous pressure on our government to ensure that perpetrators are dealt with fairly but FIRMLY and we are not talking about a little telling off and a few hours in the room why bullying is bad!

    Prevention is better than cure and they should be made an example of to ensure idiots think twice in the future and realise that consequences will occur from foolish actions.

    There’s been some good posts on here and ones that have been in my mind over the years.

    Like I said, girls you have our full support. No shame and I hope your unfortunate experience concludes with something positive for this country.

  14. I posted a long post that was more than acceptable to be published and I would like to know why the moderator pulled it from view?

    It took time to write this and contribute and in no shape or form was there anything to justify a reason to reject my effort.

    I look forward to learning why and would request you send me a copy of my post and highlight where it was rejected and why!


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