On Tuesday 30th June 2015 from 10.00 – 4.00 pm There will be Tea, Coffee, Strawberries & Scones for Sale…. All proceeds from this event will go to ‘Women’s Breast Cancer’

Photo Jonathon Stonehouse on Flickr


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  2. This is Northfield, not Wimbledon. Surely a beer tasting event would attract more of the community.Happy to c all proceeds goin to a good cause.

  3. Can’t see it doing very well but even if they loose money it gets the charity publicity and there’s no such thing as bad publicity after all we are discussing it now and it’s good to talk things through in the long run. But no talking in the library lol!

  4. Ok i will organise my clothes for tomorrow because while I’m slaving my guts out at WORK paying tax that funds the library, other people can act the saint for the day! If you can mess about down the library all day with cooking and selling skills you can get job instead and give to charity like I do on a weekly basis.


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