PACT meetings enable local police, councillors, community partners and residents to come together to set priorities for Rubery. This meeting was help at Waseley Hills School on 29th May 2015. Thanks to Jerome for this update. 

PACT at Waseley High School was tonight chaired by John Horwood and also at the table were two representatives from the police with their report, including Dan Evans PCSO, who is shortly leaving – this proved controversial, with people concerned when Rubery would get another PCSO replacement. 

Police report: 

  • The last burglary reported was 28th March, flat above the post office. 
  • There have been two reported thefts of bikes in the last month – I mentioned that people on B31 Voices had mentioned there seemed to have been a lot of bike thefts reported on B31 recently, but this was a report of Rubery crime only, and they also suggested that maybe people don’t always necessarily report bike thefts so they might not be in their figures? These two thefts were from outside shops as people were inside, so the advice there is just to be careful in those situations. 
  • The bigger crime issue is theft from vehicles. Again, don’t leave items in view, lock up, etc. 
  • Graffiti was discussed but there didn’t seem to be many such cases reported from attendees. 

Resident questions and concerns from the floor:

  • Parking, where people take their cars completely up onto pavements and block access for mobility scooters, specifically Rednal Hill Lane meeting Eachway. Police advise it’s not actually illegal to park on pavements unless it completely blocks access or the highway, and they advise reporting to police when this occurs so that cars can in first instance be leafleted and then fined if a repeat offence. Similar concerns with people parking poorly outside Co-op. 
  • Someone asked about where the plaque from the old St Chad’s School is likely to go, for public viewing. 
  • People drew attention to the recent resident letter about Rubery High Street regarding regeneration, and people generally felt the village is sidelined by Bromsgrove Council and should be better recognised, but people didn’t know what they could do to better the situation. 

Events and notices:

  • 4th July – Rubery in Bloom Summer Garden Party – unsure of where this is taking place. 
  • There is a new message board outside the police station on New Road – I’m not sure whether just for police notices or the neighbourhood – I’ll try and take a look!
  • Some of the potholes in the Co-op car park have apparently been temporarily filled, but it doesn’t sound like the issue has been properly dealt with. 

For dates of future PACT meetings, visit the West Mercia Police page for Hagley and Rubery 


  1. Wish I knew this meeting was taking place, for goodness sakes did nobody mention mcdonalds and the ghetto boys from the college hanging around.
    The doors are broke now because of an incident Friday night, it’s the only Bloody mcdonalds I know in the country that needs a bouncer!
    I am telling you they go to that college and doss about ransacking our neighbourhood afterwards.
    the way they intimidate smaller numbers of local younger lads threatening them with violence is shocking, while at the same time sharking the local vunerable girls like predators with there demands, why can’t they be moved on because this is our community there destroying it’s not there’s .
    What are the old bill waiting for another sexual assault?


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