West Midlands Police have released an image of a man they want to speak to in connection with a sexual assault at a bus stop in Weoley Castle. 

A 29 year old woman, was approached as she waited at a bus shelter in Shenley Lane at around 6.50pm on Wednesday 22 April 2015.

Police say the woman was: “approached by a man, who asked her for the time. He then sexually assaulted her, before exposing himself and engaging in a sexual act in front of the woman.”

Following the incident, the offender got on a 29A bus and got off in Harborne High Street. 


  • Light-skinned Asian man
  • Age 17-19 years
  • Slim build
  • 5’6-7 inches tall
  • Appeared to have deformed teeth 
  • Dark coloured baseball cap worn backwards
  • Grey zipped-up hooded top
  • Jeans
  • ‘Nike’ bag with a long shoulder strap.

DC Lyndsey Healy from Birmingham’s Sexual Offences Team, said: ” The offender has been caught on CCTV getting onto the number 29A bus after the incident. I need anyone who can identify this man or who saw him in Shenley Road, or when he got off the bus in Harborne High Street to contact me on 101 or call Crimestoppers, confidentially on 0800 555 111“.


  1. Some people are saying since bournville college has moved it’s dragged all different community’s down here and this is the result of mixing other community’s into what was a nice place to be

  2. what has a sexual assaolt at a bus stop in Weoley Castle got to do with a college in Longbridge? have i missed the connection?

  3. Most of the kids come from community’s that are riddled with crime and there destroying ours buy bringing there ways down here.
    It’s like Harlem round that mcdonalds on the Bristol road south and they hang around there all night after ‘studying’
    I don’t get this stand outside eateries culture?
    ‘look at me hard man intimidating in my gang’ it’s embarrassing get your food and trap, nothing better to do?

  4. Well some fabulous comments straight and direct to the point. That college has brought a black cloud over what was a proud tight nit community. And d im sorry u have 110 per cent missed the connection. 1 and 1 equals ?

  5. That college is a melting pot of everything we don’t want in our area. The so called people that attend that place are disgusting animals for the mile of litter they leave between mcdonalds and the college.
    If you ask me it’s not just McDonalds there dragging through the mud but the community our forefathers have struggled to build, through two world wars!

  6. I have read the opinions looking at it – the person in the image is not relevant to be a student nor from Bournville College I live locally in this part of the city it is nice to see multi culturism and diversity and it will now increase as Birmingham becomes more International- overall that person people with information inform the Police or Crime Stoppers thank you

  7. are you suggesting we are suffering at the hands of multiculturism yes ok I agree the recent stabbing shooting and rape were non white attackers.
    I think your opening a can of worms here leave race out of this.
    And I don’t think diversity are in on this there way too busy dancing lol

  8. Absolutely disgraceful that you condone this type of behaviour kamran. Is the person in the photograph you? If this is the type of Image you think will make birmingham internationaly recognised then im sorry mate pack your bags and take it elsewhere. To top it all off you play the race card, why? To protect who? Criminals thats who.

  9. When has weoley castle ever been a nice place. I have lived there since 1987 and honestly its always been the same.


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