From 4th June the only CAB drop in service will be: Birmingham CAB, Gazzette Building, 168 Corporation Street, B4 6TF
Opening times: Monday, Thursday, Friday 08.30 – 4.00 pm. Advice can be provided by calling telephone helpline:03444 77 10 10 10. Telephone help line only open: Monday – Friday 09.30 – 4.00 pm
National CAB website:
Birmingham CAB website:
From Friday 5th June 2015 Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau will no longer be providing a service at Northfield Library or Perry Common Library. The drop in service will no longer be provided at the Tyseley office.
This is due to insufficient funding, CAB are no longer able to provide any outreach work.
C.A.B rely on charity donations.


  1. I cannot see how CAB can operate a” drop in” service from the City centre…not very drop in for Northfield is it. Now the cuts are really hitting those that need help the most. Meanwhile OMG there is a shortage of Prosecco !! Is it me??

  2. It makes no difference what the opinions are. The council will have already made up their minds to close the CAB and that is that. Democracy???

  3. For people like Jeri ..… I take it you was named after Hitler .. I am supporting the others like me who have no legs thanks to serving for my country . but dispute this everybody wants to get there money , so people like me need this help to get a foot on the ladder to leading a normal life , oh I forgot ?????? I can’t as I don’t have a foot to put on the ladder . so I must be a dosser ..….… thanks for that Jeri .try thinking before talking …..….

    • well said Greatly appreciated. Yes think that’s who Jeri is named after. Thanks for all you have done and I sincerely hope that you get the help and support that you need. and deserve

  4. Will CAB help in regards to writing a complaint about a local authority…i need to make a complaint but need it to be taken seriously and never have written one before ?


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