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Following the huge success last year, the Northfield Beach is back this summer!

We’re bringing the seaside to Northfield from Wednesday 22nd – Sunday 26th July 2015, 10am- 4pm, in Victoria Common, complete with sand, deckchairs, face painting, stilt walkers and more!

We want to see as much local talent as possible, so if you are in a band, can sing or dance please get in touch we want to see you perform at Northfield Beach!

We are also looking for local community groups to join our Community Alley. The Community Alley stalls are not for commercial or profit making purposes but to provide information & advice to the general public. The Stalls are free & it is a great opportunity to engage with the local community, who are out in full force for this event.

For more information call Northfield Community Partnership on 0121 411 2157 or email


  1. Rather than make negative comments… Why not support your local community and applauded organisations like the Northfield Community Partnership and Northfield buisness improvement district who are working hard to improve Northfield for the better. All of our members contribute their time and efforts on a voluntary basis because we have a passion and a strong desire to make our community and town centre a safer, greener and cleaner place to visit and live and will certainly not be deterred by a few unfortunate issolated incidents of late. We are making this years Culture Mash / Northfield Beech event the biggest and most attractive yet! Which will be spread out throughout the town over the month of July! So please do not leave derogatory comments .. Come and join in and get involved, It’s your community!! Andy Clarke. Chairman Northfield Buisness Improvement District.

  2. I have given a thumbs up to you Andy Clarke and applaud your group for putting on the events etc. The beach is great fun for the children, some who may not get the chance to go on holiday.
    On the other hand, its not surprising that the previous comments are made. The incidents of murder,shooting, rape, stabbing, drug abuse, robbery and anti-social behaviour are hardly isolated. Northfield is sadly not a place i would encourage children, youngsters or even young adults to be visiting alone unless they are street smart.
    Instead of the police coming across as if the is nothing to worry about, lets see some action from them to stop the drugs for a start. I’m sure if i can spot the dealers around the shops and estates the police can…and if they can’t then they should go to specsavers.
    I’m sure the beach will be a huge success and hope everyone can enjoy it.

  3. To honest the gun and knife crime they were from another community and the recent sex attack from yet another community preying on one of ours.

    I applaud anybody that volunteers there own time or money to help improve our country FairPlay. I would like to think if I had spare time I wud muck in too

    • It just makes me wonder what is the attraction for other communities bringing their problems to Northfield. I’m only making a guess here…but could it be that crime is attracting crime..possibly drugs or vulnerable people to prey on.
      The vast majority of people in Northfield are good people and will turn out in their usual numbers for the summer events i’m sure.

  4. Yes the people of northfield are good people and there has been testing times in recent years with rover closure and various other places stream lining work forces massive testing times.
    However what we face now I can’t see the light.
    This influx of other people is creating a crime wave at the moment and to be honest it’s a trend that never reverses and will destroy the northfield way of life and other decent community’s

  5. Loved it last year, and will be there this year! We chatted with some lovely families last year who were there to entertain their children on a budget, and have a fun day out. Well done to the hard work of the organisers. Crime it everywhere, not just in Northfield!

  6. Support everything that makes an effort to make Northfield safe.
    We need our streets to be clean and safe with more bobbies on the streets than in panda cars.

    Sam from Northfield lived here for 33 years

  7. I have been going to northfeild beach with my son for the last 3 years and we look forward to it every year. It is a fantastic idea and lots of fun. Thank you very much for setting it up. Not having much money and not many people come to visit us this time out is very important to us. ☺


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