As part of our coverage of 2015 local and General elections, we have invited candidates from Northfield and Bromsgrove constituencies (general election) and Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Weoley, Rubery North and Rubery South wards (local elections) to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

This from Birmingham Northfield ward candidate for Labour, Robbie Lea-Trengrouse


This election is an important choice between two different sets of values and how they will affect you and your family in Northfield and West Heath. Birmingham City Council has been hit hard over the past five years due to the cruel cuts enforced by the Conservative led Government. This has badly impacted on the local services in Northfield which many people rely on. A Labour Government and a Labour Council will ensure that we get a fair deal and will respond to thedifferent challenges that we face as a community. If I am elected I will represent Northfield and West Heath to the best of my abilities, working with local people and services. These are the issues I am campaigning on:

  • A better maintenance service for the roads and footpaths in our area, by ensuring the Highways contractor Amey provide a good service and are accountable to residents
  • Address the problem of anti-social behaviour by developing an effective partnership with Northfield and West Heath residents, local Police and other agencies in our area
  • Secure Employment and Training opportunities for all, using my expertise in helping people in the area into work
  • Strive to maintain and build on a strong community spirit in our area and to put the pride back into Northfield, West Heath and Longbridge and Turves Green
  • I back Labour’s plans to freeze energies bills and protect pensions and I will work to ensure that services to the elderly are responsive and meet the needs of those who use them.

I have worked as Careers Adviser in Northfield for four years and I have seen at first-hand the worries that people have about the future and the opportunities wasted by this Conservative Government. They have abolished EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance), trebled tuition fees and axed the Connexions service. I will ensure that everyone has a fair chance to achieve their goals in life and be provided with the right chances to make that a reality.

I have spoken to lots of families who are unsure week to week whether they will be given enough hours of work to make ends meet. One lady lost her working tax credit payments as she reduced her hours to 27 from 30 due to illness, and is now struggling to pay her rent. With the growth in food banks, bedroom tax and the rising numbers of in work poverty, local people are struggling. These are real stories that are affecting the people in Northfield right now.

Most of my family live and have worked in this area for many years, including at the Rover Works and Kalamazoo. I regularly use Northfield Library and Swimming Baths and do my shopping on the High Street.
Northfield, Longbridge and West Heath need a pro-activeCouncillor with a proven track record locally in helping people who have fallen on hard times. I believe I can make a real difference and I would welcome your support on May 7th.


  1. Blaming the govt for the councils failings is an easy get out.
    Roads and footpaths are a disgrace. Council wasting money on stupid road schemes that block up whole areas with cars and buses that cant get through. Footpaths that are littered with bags of green rubbish the council want us to pay for and bins in areas that are totally unsuitable and are costing millions when other services to children and the elderly are cut.
    Yes, more does need to be done about anti-social behaviour and i support that.
    There are more people working now than under Labour and loads more in training…as a careers adviser you should be aware of this and not all on zero hours as some try to say.
    I’m not sure how you can freeze energy locally but its a daft idea anyway….first the energy prices would just go up before its brought in but secondly, since it was announced the prices dropped.
    There are some good things going on in the city…but you seem to have missed the boat on them. You ideas sound very grand but not very local. We need councillors that will represent the people on local issues and you seem to be more intent on blaming others for the councils bad management and waste.


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