As part of our coverage of 2015 local and General elections, we have invited candidates from Northfield and Bromsgrove constituencies (general election) and Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Weoley, Rubery North and Rubery South wards (local elections) to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

This from Birmingham Weoley ward candidate for the Conservative Party, Jayne Freeman.


I have lived on Weoley Ward my entire life, and still live on the same road which I spent my childhood with my younger sister and my parents.

The schools I attended were also local and after leaving Colmers Farm secondary school, I went on to The College of Food and Domestic Arts based in Birmingham, where I studied small and large scale catering and housekeeping. I worked at The Plough and Harrow Hotel on the Hagley Road up until 1988, when I left to have my children.

I then became a housewife and mother, during this time my husband Cllr Eddie Freeman and I decided to set up at run a Neighbourhood Watch and Residents Association to help the local community, which is still running to this day. I believe in keeping the community together and supporting each other. We also run trips for families throughout the year and providing Christmas Hampers for the elderly residents who are alone at that time of year too.

I feel strongly about the local area, making sure that residents who need help and support receive it.

I think by living on Weoley ward, this helps me understand personally what affects people. For example, the crossing patrols, I campaigned to keep the lolly pop men and women’s jobs because not only do we need to keep our children safe on roads, Jobs in the area need to be kept safe too.

We also feel it is important to keep local amenities running and after petitioning for the Northfield Swimming baths, we have got them to successfully stay in Northfield and not go anywhere else. I also want to keep our parks and green space clean, tidy and safe for the residents to use.

I volunteer at a lunch club at Shenley Court Hall, providing older residents with not only a cooked meal, but a friendly face and encouraging them to socialise. If I were to become your local Councillor, I would be looking into more services being available for them. So they do not feel isolated or alone.

I sit on the HLB [Housing Liaison Board] and actively help residents with housing and repairs, this is something I have being doing for 18 years.

I am passionate about helping you, the constituents of Weoley ward, I am always willing to help and support you as best as I can. By living on the ward with you I see the things that need to be improved and feel that with your help as a community we can do this together.

This is OUR ward and I want to make YOU proud to live here.

Communities need to stick together vote for Jayne Freeman on May 7th 2015


  1. Well i cant argue with that sort of local commitment…thats exactly the difference required to be a local councillor. Getting on with sorting local issues is what we need.


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