Richard Burden has retained his seat as Northfield’s MP with a majority of 2506 over Conservative candidate Rachel Maclean. 

UKIP’s Keith Rowe came in third with 7106 votes. 


Labour – Richard Burden 17673

Conservative – Rachel Maclean 15164

UKIP – Keith Rowe 7106

Liberal Democrats – Steven Haynes 1349

Green – Anna Masters 1169


  1. Yes I voted burdon and cartwright…can’t stand that Rachel McLean…compleat waste of space.
    Got no time for torries and Cameron.
    Another 5 years of getting shafted again…!!!!

  2. When they done the budget last time they said beer was to go down by a penny, it went up 5p in our local!
    Hope these type of scandals are not going to keep on happening Richard


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