Children’s favourite Fireman Sam is on his way to Northfield next week.

The popular television fire fighter will be on hand at Northfield Shopping Centre to give youngsters a half term treat on Friday May 29.

Between 11am and 4pm, at various intervals, children and their families will be able to come and see their screen idol and ‘hero next door’ at the busy shopping hub in the heart of the town.

TV favourite Fireman Sam, who will be meeting youngsters at  Northfield Shopping Centre on Friday May 29
TV favourite Fireman Sam, who will be meeting youngsters at Northfield Shopping Centre on Friday May 29

Northfield Shopping Centre Manager Pete Barber said: “We think it is important to put on free events for the family, such as inviting Fireman to visit, to help with entertaining the children during the school break.

“We had a huge turn out when Peppa Pig called in to the centre earlier this year, and we are expecting a similar welcome for Fireman Sam, as we know how much our young shoppers enjoy meeting their screen idols.

“We are all looking forward to the fun and lively atmosphere Fireman Sam’s appearance with us is going to create.”

Fireman Sam is a children’s animated television series about a fire man called Sam, his fellow fire fighters and the townsfolk of the fictional Welsh village of Pontypandy.

It was originally written in Welsh (Sam Tan) for the Welsh television channel S4C by well known broadcaster, producer and director, Nia Ceidiog who also wrote the English one too. She has since revealed that her own son Dafydd, “gave her some ideas”, for the mischievous young boy in the series called Norman Price.

The series went on to achieve global success in more than 40 countries and has been translated into more than 25 different languages including Mandarin.


  1. Well done more spectacular work all for fun fantastic! The kids will love it, this is great Andy Clarke and the people that volunteer putting a beach on, now fire man Sam this is more like it Northfield
    Keep up the good work they won’t break our spirit

    Chuffed to bits to hear there are people that volunteer to help, can’t stand people that pretend to care yet still pick up wages makes me sick
    ‘ oh look at righteous me every one not doing a propper job on a cushy number looking like a saint’
    I hate them people


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