West Midlands Police have made a further three local arrests this morning in connection with a drugs ring probe in two cities. Arrests in the investigation, which sees police working together with HM Prison Service, now total 12, with 11 facing charges of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. 

Three men were arrested in raids in Northfield, Frankley and Rubery this morning, with a further arrest being made in Liverpool. All have been charged with conspiracy to supply Class A Drugs and will appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court tomorrow morning (Thursday 28th May).

Today’s arrests come after 8 people were arrested in Rednal / Rubery last Wednesday (20th May). Seven were charged as a result with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and all will appear before Birmingham Magistrates Court on Thursday June 4.

Today’s arrests:

  • James Seabury, aged 34 from Bunbury Road, Northfield
  • Patrick Stenson, aged 24, from Leyfield Road, Liverpool
  • Janice McCall aged 34, from New Road, Rubery
  • Terri Flynn, aged 24, from Quarry House Close, Frankley.

Last week’s arrests:

  • Emma Foster, aged 30 from Chapelfield Road, Rednal
  • Steven Foster, aged 27 from Silthouse Grove, Rubey
  • Reece Doulay, aged 24, from Silthouse Grove, Rubery
  • Sharon McKeown, aged 47 from Silthouse Grove, Rednal
  • Jamie Stockwell, aged 25 from New Road, Rubery
  • Shereece Doulay, aged 22 also from Silthouse Grove, Rubery.

A 31-year-old man arrested last week was bailed pending further enquiries.

The raids, under the Misuse of Drugs Act, are part of an on-going, joint operation between the Police and HM Prison Service to target the supply of cocaine between Organised Crime Groups in Merseyside and Birmingham

Officers carrying out the raids also recovered large amounts of cash, cannabis and various weapons from the addresses.

Sgt Alan Teague from Birmingham South Police said: “The arrests are part of an on-going investigation into drug supply. If anyone has information about drug dealing or associated criminality in their area they should contact police on 101.”


  1. Some body has been telling tails the police wouldn’t get that amount of people with out a point in the direction.
    Again outside influence this time liverpool. Oh well least the Villa are at Wembley not them. Stick that in you pipe and smoke it liverpool dealers!

  2. best news ive heard in ages… no time for druggies….they should all be round up and shot……..rubbery,frankley,northfield,full of these scumbags…..

  3. I hate all drug users including nicotine, alcohol, caffeine although pharmaceutical prescribed drugs for people suffering I can accept if the illness is not self inflicted like obesity, anorexia, etc


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