Three teenagers were arrested after a disorder in Hoggs Lane, Northfield, on Wednesday night (1 April). The road was closed for a short time as police officers and ambulance crews attended the incident. 

Two other teens were reportedly assaulted in the disorder: a 17 year old boy received treatment for a slash wound to the hand at the scene and a 19 year old girl was reported to have been assaulted. 

A 14 year old boy was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

A 16 year old boy and a 17 year old girl were also arrested on suspicion of assault.

All three arrested teens are thought to be known to one another and inquiries into what happened continue.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or who has any information which may help investigating officers is asked to call West  Midlands Police on 101. 



  1. Are we calling 17 and 19 year old women girls now? these are not boys and girls and I’d put money on it they have all got at least four kids more than likely with multipul partners raking in the weekly benifits toking and sniffing themselves to death like it’s all one big joke. FairPlay

  2. Bring back national service teach em some respect to easy getting dole make them clean streets and graffiti for their benefits

  3. replying to your comment jerk, for your information i am one of the girls that was arrested on here, and non of us have kids or take drugs, so get your facts right. not nice to assume things like that, not everyone is a criminal no one round here is a sniff head and especially my lot, all of this is wrong anyways, all the ages are wrong,
    my friend who was stabbed was 17, the girl i beat up was 17, i am my self 18, so that is all i have to say, so people on here never to state facts instead of lies. thank you


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