From West Midlands Police Birmingham South Partnerships Team:

This afternoon we received a report of a cold caller offering to install wireless panic alarms for a one off fee of £399. They claim to have the support of the police and that the alarm can notify all emergency services when activated.

During the call, the caller asks personal questions about the residents age and whether they live alone.  We’re asking residents to use caution when speaking to cold callers, especially when they ask you for personal details in this way.

We are unable to confirm at this time if this is a legitimate company.  Please report any suspicious calls on 101 and please do not disclose any personal details over the phone including your address and bank card details. 


  1. Surely the police can trace the number and clarify legitimacy. Releasing a statement saying we do know if it’s legit seems ridiculous.
    If the police don’t know if it’s legit what chance we got?


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