A 28 year old man has been jailed for 14 months after, armed with a replica gun, he threatened to kill passersby in a West Heath street, The Mirror reports. The man took matters into his own hands after being the victim of a mobile phone robbery earlier the same day. 

Local man, Wayne Watts, had reported the robbery of his phone to West Midlands Police on 15th February. After attending and taking a statement, police drove around with Watts, looking for the offender, with no success. 

A few hours later, Watts took matters into his own hands, taking to the streets brandishing  a Smith and Wesson replica gun which he waved at people, including teenagers and people in passing cars, while shouting threats.  

Armed police, dogs and helicopter descended on the Wychall Road / Chaddersley Road area following reports of an armed man in the street, arresting Watts at his home in Oakridge Road. 

Read full details from court from the Mirror: Robbery victim jailed after threatening to kill passersby with ‘gun’ as he searched for attacker | Mirror [NB reference to Kings Heath in the article should read West Heath]

Man arrested for brandishing replica gun in West Heath street | B31 Voices



  1. Umm, how can someone be armed with a replica? That it is a replica means they are fundamentally unarmed, because a replica gun is not a gun (hence the modifier, replica). Unless the same person was armed with a mobile phone earlier that day?

    This is rather sensationalist. It detracts from the fact that the police present some kind of image of being helpful and useful, but then when you deal with them you find out what they are really like. The police must have failed very badly for this guy to make the (obviously bad) decision to try and deal with things himself. How much must the police have annoyed him, how immensely unprofessional? How useless were they, it sounds like they just drove about a bit and expected the thief to not to be watching out and then hide when a luminous cop car comes down the road.

    When my home was robbed the police came round, hardly were able to hide their amusement at insurance shortages, and just left some leaflet. Naturally no one was caught, but why would there be? No effort was made to even try and investigate.

    If anyone was armed in this story it was the police, they are the ones that routinely run around with weapons (gas, guns, tasers, etc.), and as that murder in the US illustrates, British police will default to lying about their use of weapons. By writing (well, copy/pasting press releases) such sensational stuff it makes holding the most dangerous and powerful street gang to account so much harder.

    But I guess even with all those extra police that had to come along for the toy gun, the bloke’s original phone was not found?

  2. sounds like the guy need’s help more than jail,it’s not the actions of a person thinking normally or rationally. it’s the type of charge someone with money to buy decent legal and mental health help would get a non custodial sentence for,

  3. Bet they said to the bloke ‘soz sir bout ya phone were understaffed there’s nothing we can do for you, you see we haven’t got the funds to help you’
    So the bloke thinks I know what I’ll do where’s that BB gun?
    Next thing you know Armed police Dog units Helicopter!
    After they say to him’ we thought that was a real gun’
    He responds ‘ I thought you were skint and understaffed!!! ‘

  4. It’s easy to criticize the police,but unless they catch someone in the act,have incriminating evidence and/our have reliable witness’s what else can they do? Sad thing is if they caught them it probably wouldn’t have made it to court as the mugging victim has learning difficulties.

    It must have been scary for people who witnessed it.
    but to charge him with intent seems excessive,as anon said it was a replica gun,what could he do even if he found the people who’d mugged him earlier? but once apprehended you’d hope once in a legal system that claims to be the best in the world,it’d work fairer and with more compassion with vulnerable adults with learning difficulties. especially one’s that have been victim’s as well.


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