A 21-year-old Birmingham man was arrested yesterday evening for possession of a firearm following an incident yesterday morning in Frankley. 

West Midlands Police officers, including armed police and police helicopter, were called to reports of a man with a gun in the Boleyn Road area on the morning of Thursday 23rd April. 

Roads were closed and residents were asked to remain in their homes for a time while searches were carried out and a VW Polo car recovered as evidence. 

Police said yesterday that they had not received any reports of any injuries. 

The 21 year old man was arrested yesterday evening and remains in police custody this morning. 


  1. People convicted of gun crimes should be sent straight out on the front line or locked up until the next inevitable war we need to take part in. Put there skills to use.
    National service for dole hangers sounds like a fantastic money saver , Housing benifits, jsa etc. This would eradicate drug use and prevent them roaming the streets impregnating career mothers.
    As for the most of us tax paying genuine blokes we should be able to enjoy our freedoms.
    I don’t mean if you lose your job you get sent away, I suggest this for the lay about waste of space tossers we carry constantly year in year out.

  2. Not sure how our armed forces would feel about becoming a dumping ground for the country’s criminals. could you trust them to have your back ?

  3. I think that magistrates should be assessed regularly for fitness to practice then maybe the sentence will fit the crime

  4. I think a one way ticket to Afghanistan is smashing solution the dregs of society would make excellent mine sweeping cannon fodder.

  5. I agree Barry,it’s a too simplistic an answer with No real thought behind it,.i mean, National service worked for the Kray’s and their ilk didn’t it,. what could possibly go wrong?


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