It’s ten years to the day since the MG Rover plant closed in Longbridge, leaving 6500 people redundant, a community devastated and suppliers struggling. 

Along with what’s left of a car factory at MG, a new “town centre”, a park, businesses, a technology park and houses now occupy the site, with more development to come, in an attempt to create a new Longbridge – a place in its own right. 

We’re asking you to share your thoughts and views on the closure, how it affected you, and what has come since and future development. 

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Photo above by Richard Burden



  1. I personally think longbridge should challenge town and turn into a huge drinking capital a bit like selkyoak but on a much larger scale with not as many massage parlours

  2. The closure of Rover didn’t affect me personally, but I have had family members and friends who worked there many years ago, but who had all retired or left before the factory was closed. It must have been devastating for many people and a large number of families who have had generation after generation work at the factory. I sincerely hope that for the large proportion of those people the closure has enabled them to move on to other things and hopefully gain employment. I think they are making a fairly good job of the regeneration project, but I think there is a desperate need for other retailers other than food outlets. I am personally looking forward to M&S, but I realise, like anything, there will be mixed feelings about this. I hope in years to come when the regeneration has come to an end, that Longbridge will once again be a thriving place for the local and wider community. I have my worries about the increase in traffic in the area, but only time will tell if the powers that be can get that aspect right.

  3. I don’t see it as regeneration twenty thousand people manufacturing and selling thus bringing in money to the surrounding areas via decent wages. a few shops do not create money in fact it’s just somewhere for us to spend money we already have in the community and take it away! What 50 or so people on minimum wage at sainsburys .As for the college that’s up to its eyeballs in debt and a bit of grass with the so called ‘river’ rea water logging the whole dammed place!
    Is ripping the heartbeat out of an area and raising it to the ground and chucking a few shops on Regeneration?

    What the hell has been regenerated?

  4. Any one given any thoughts to Herbert Austin? Think he would be turning in his grave!

    I have lived in West Heath all of my 48 years so obviously went to school around here and to see the demise and shambolic mess of the site now brings me great sadness.
    yes, I knew many people employed at the factory but the land could have been used in a more productive way and created a better future for longbridge instead of a drop out centre for youths, charity shops (nothing different to northfield) and why the hell do we need a massive marks and spencers when people want choice in an area that cant cope with the flow of traffic on longbridge lane? Certainly not what longbridge was meant to be all about and a name to be proud of.

  5. Regeneration!!! Where are the well paid jobs we used to have. We now have the usual bland High street developing, food outlets and a supermarket. Yes I now M&S is coming as well. Two of the outlets in Longbridge Lane have already closed (The Café and the Charity Shop) This doesn’t bode well for the future. As for the design of the college and other buildings it actually looks like LEGOLAND.


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