Security firms and other local businesses and organisations are invited to take part in a crime and terrorism awareness event organised by Birmingham South Police next week. The aim is for West Midlands Police, businesses and community partners to work together to keep our communities safe. 

Project Griffin is dedicated to reducing the risk and impact of major incidents or terrorist attacks by engaging with local establishments and the business community. Initiated by the City of London Police, Griffin has been adopted by West Midlands and other police forces nationally.

Vickie Cieplak, Engagement Officer for Birmingham South Police said: “The threat of crime and terrorism is a real and ever present concern, particularly for those who work in and travel to our major cities. Naturally, prevention, protection and reassurance are high on everyone’s list of priorities.”

The project begins with a half-day event for local security/business personnel to raise their awareness of serious crime, terrorism and counter measures. Those attending will receive the latest national threat assessment and information not readily accessible in the public domain. This will assist them to respond better to their organisation’s security challenges on a day to day basis and in the event of a major incident. The event includes presentations by the West Midlands Police Counter Terrorism Unit.

The event takes place at a venue in Edgbaston on Tuesday 14th April. 

If you are a local business owner or organisation and are interested in taking part, get in touch with Vickie Cieplak or Sgt Steve Rice in 0121 626 4142 or email the Birmingham South Partnership Team at for more details. 


  1. Project Griffin? Endemic racism is bad enough in the Police, but the same name in the project as the leader of the BNP does not bode well for pandering to Islamophobia (what with Islam being the bogeyman-du-jour).

  2. How over the top can you get the BNP often get brandished as racists for what ever reason but the police? Ridiculous paranoia Get a grip.


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