“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote”- George Jean Nathan | VOTE by Theresa Thompson, on Flickr

Today (20th April) is your last chance to register to vote in the general and local elections on May 7th!

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I do this every year, but some of you won’t have seen it yet, so again I’m going to reproduce here a blog post I wrote back in 2009 on a personal blog about a lady who inspired me to never fail to vote again!

I’m not a believer in compulsory voting.

However, personally, I feel that neglecting to vote is an insult to the struggle and suffering of the many who have fought for universal suffrage over the years. They did, of course, also further our right to choose NOT to vote and not voting as a conscious decision is just as important for some.

In last year’s local election, I neglected to vote. I was busy / tired / tied up etc. Or lazy / complacent / ignorant if you prefer!

When I collected the kidlets from primary school, the secondary school on the same campus was serving as a polling station. I’d been somewhere in the car and was a bit early, so sat in the car park waiting. As I sat there, an elderly lady came out of the part of the building where the polls were being conducted. I saw her, then carried on messing with my mobile phone: tweeting or somesuch nonesense! Five minutes later, I looked up and this lady had advanced no further than 5 metres or so towards me, her mobility was so much of an effort. (*NB. All distances are estimated and I’m rubbish at estimating distance! Just take it as read that she was very, very slow!)

I went to her and asked if she was okay or would she like any help? She was trying to the exit the car park: 20 metres up a steep slope across the busy entrance. She said she was all right but it would be nice if I would lend her an arm. It took us 15 minutes to walk that 20 metres. I was beginning to think I was going to be late collecting my kidlets. Her next pitstop was the supermarket 100+ metres away! She wouldn’t let me help her any further and insisted on slowly, independently making her way off to do her shopping.

Whilst walking with this lovely lady, we chatted. She was proud to have used her vote. She would have done anything to make sure it wasn’t wasted. She felt it was the single most important thing she had done for months.

So, in future, in respect for this anonymous stranger & the thousands of other people, both reknowned & unknown, who have struggled for my right to vote in democratic elections, I will never neglect to use my vote again.

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  1. I would vote but I don’t agree with any party or the policy they claim to bring in.
    Labour waste money and pamper to spongers. Also they seem to think unskilled droves of immigrants will be of some use to Britain.
    Conservatives do seem fractionally better but still a mile off.
    Liberals who cares .
    Any body prepared to actually attempt anything else and deal with scroungers and people of no use will be shot down in flames by the media and brandished nazis.
    We carry to much dead wieght and hard working people still struggle as a result.
    Stick your vote up your arse I can’t afford the time off work


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