Local (council) and general (parliament) elections take place on 7th May 2015 between 7am and 10pm.

Links to candidates for the Northfield and Bromsgrove (inc. Rubery) parliamentary elections and local council elections for Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Rubery and Weoley can be found below.

If you live in Birmingham and are unsure which ward you live in, enter your postcode on the My Local Information website

For more election information for the Birmingham City Council area visit the Birmingham Newsroom website

Birmingham City Council are posting updates via WhatsApp and you can follow the #BrumVotes15 hashtag on Twitter. 

This year we will once again be inviting ALL candidates to share a 500 Words piece, describing them, their campaign and why they feel they are worthy of your vote. Links to these articles will be added to the candidates lists as they become available.

Birmingham Northfield

#Brumvotes15: Candidates for Kings Norton ward (Birmingham City Council)

#Brumvotes15: Candidates for Longbridge ward (Birmingham City Council)

#Brumvotes15: Candidates for Northfield ward (Birmingham City Council)

#Brumvotes15: Candidates for Weoley ward (Birmingham City Council)

#Brumvotes15: Parliamentary election candidates: Birmingham Northfield

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#Election15: Candidates for Rubery North ward (Worcestershire County Council)

#Election15: Candidates for Rubery South ward (Worcestershire County Council)

#Election15: Parliamentary election candidates: Bromsgrove (inc Rubery)

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