B31 Voices is once again being monitored by a researcher from Birmingham City University. 

Jerome Turner lives in Rubery, regularly comments on our Facebook page and Twitter, and has even helped look after the Facebook page recently. 

He’s also a researcher at Birmingham City University, and is studying for his PhD, exploring hyperlocal community media audiences.

Starting from today, Jerome will spend a year studying B31 Voices and its audiences. 

Jerome will be observing what happens on our blog, but also on Facebook and Twitter, and other social media platforms. You won’t see anything different there as a reader, but he might occasionally throw in the odd question for people. He will be going along to events to explore their role in everyday local life and meet our readers – PACT and neighbourhood meetings, but also the fun ones like charity days and arts events. 

Community Panel

Jerome plans to interview people, but he is also keen to start up a panel of readers over the next year, offering them the opportunity to feed back and take part in whatever way suits them. There’s a secret, closed Facebook group to join, and he’ll be asking people to keep diaries, make videos, take photos, maybe even write poetry – whatever they feel is a way to communicate their feelings about living in the area, and how B31 Voices fit into that. You can join the community panel by going to the Facebook Group or email jerometurner77@gmail.com



Once the research is completed, Jerome will write a number of pieces about this study (including his doctoral thesis). Any quotes used in this writing (for example, from the online observation period, or the community panel) will be anonymised, unless people would prefer otherwise. This might involve quoting someone but using a fake name, or summarising what was said rather than directly quoting it, with the emphasis on doing everything possible to ensure people’s identities are protected. If you regularly take part in B31 Voices discussions online and for any reason you would like your name to appear against anything you say, please get in touch with Jerome and this can be discussed.


Where will people see this research?

Findings will sometimes be written up as research conference presentations, journal articles or blog posts. In the lead up to these being made public, Jerome will show draft versions of those documents to the B31 Voices audience, for feedback and comment. 

Contact Jerome

If you have any questions about this research, or would just like to chat to Jerome, you can contact him on jerometurner77@gmail.com or on Twitter @jezturner.


You can join the Community Panel Facebook group right now here



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