To celebrate world book day this year at Turves Green Girls’ School, pupils took part in a shadow-puppet show. Shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling  which uses flat articulated figures (shadow puppets) to create shadows on a screen. Shadow play is an has a long history in Southeast Asia, China, India and Nepal. The girls also had the opportunity to taste some Indian food and experience some Indian music. Katie Cross in Year 7 and Wania Shami in Year 8 attended the performance and want to tell you all about it!

How Ganesh got his Elephant Head

By Katie Cross, year 7

I think the shadow puppet story was really good with the way Mrs Deakin read it out with a lot of detail and when she did the speech she did it with expression. My favourite part was when Parvati wanted a playmate so she brought some clay and made a baby called Ganesh but they only named him later in the story.

I liked the way Miss Hanratty and Ms Norris made the puppets and the way the story was acted out. After the story we got to try some Indian food and we got to play with the puppets. I think Miss Everill did very well with the Indian music because she brought the music in on time for when it needed to come on.

I hope they do another story next year for World Book Day.


The Best Lunchtime Ever

by Wania Shami, year 8

Me and my friend were invited to watch the little shadow puppet show based on how Ganesh got his elephant head which was prepared and presented by Ms Norris, Mrs Deakin, Miss Hanratty and Miss Everill. It was exciting, well narrated and quite fun to watch. I quite enjoyed the show and I would have quite enjoyed being a part of it or even making some of the puppets. After the show

Miss Rukhsana had kindly dressed up in Asian clothing and had bought some Asian snacks we could try out from Samosas to Pakoras and even a spicy dip. Overall it was well prepared; it was the best lunch time I have experienced so far.




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