We're making a short promotional video for B31 Voices, and we want YOU, the faces of our communities, to be a part of it!

Tell us what B31 Voices means to you in a few short seconds for a chance to star!

As part of a video to let people know all about B31 Voices, we would like users of the site to send in short video clips of themselves saying one or a few words on what B31 Voices represents to them.


What: Utter a wise word or two about what. B31 Voices represents to you. Examples: “Community” “Networking” “News” “Lost pets” “#PositiveB31” “#B31snowwatch” “honest” “helpful” “information”… OR just record yourself saying “B31 Voices is awesome!” … You choose!

How: Just shoot a short selfie video (or get a friend to help!) on your mobile phone. Please make sure all videos are shot in landscape …. turn that phone! :) No more than 10 seconds long please!

Now what?! Email your video clips to hello@b31.org.uk before Tuesday 7th April 2015

Please state:

  • your name
  • area you live
  • organisation you are from (if any)
  • your age if under 18 In the interests of safeguarding, we are asking that any videos of children under the age of 18 are submitted by an adult (parent or carer).

Will I be a star?! We will pick our favourite clips to add to a video we are making to tell people all about B31 Voices. The video will be shared on all our social media channels soon! We won't be able to use all of your videos!

Why?! We are going to use the video as part of a fundraising drive to help us improve and expand B31 Voices so that we can connect and serve our communities ever better!

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to your videos!

Sas & Marty



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