From West Midlands Ambulance Service:

A woman had to be sedated and three other people received treatment at the scene of a two car road traffic collision in Birmingham this evening.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the junction of Shenley Lane, Long Nuke Road and Gregory Avenue in Shenley Fields, Birmingham, shortly after 6.30pm this evening (Sunday). Two paramedic area support officers, a community paramedic, three ambulances and a MERIT trauma doctor were sent to the scene. An off duty ambulance crew came across the collision and also stopped to render aid.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “When ambulance staff arrived they found two cars which had been involved in a significant collision.

“The driver of one car, a woman believed to be in her 40s, was unconscious in the wreckage. The car had sustained significant damage to the drivers’ side in the collision.

“Whilst ambulance staff and the medic assessed the woman’s serious condition and began treatment, the fire service worked around them to extricate her from the wreckage. She had sustained a suspected pelvic injury and head injury.

“The woman was immobilised with a neck collar, spinal board and pelvic splint. Her unconsciousness was cause for concern so the trauma doctor decided to anaesthetise her on scene in order to stabilise her condition before she was conveyed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, a specialist trauma unit, for further emergency treatment.

“Medics in A&E were pre alerted to the arrival of the woman who was said to be in a critical condition.

“Two passengers from the same car, a man and a 12-year-old boy, were assessed by ambulance staff and required full immobilisation with neck collars and spinal boards. The man was conveyed to the same hospital whilst the boy was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“The driver from the second car, a man, was assessed but did not require hospital treatment and was discharged on scene.”


  1. we need speed cameras on this road before some 1 is killed , shortly before i was walking my dog , cars was racing on wards 60-70 mph , or faster , this happens every day weather it be cars or bikes , this is NOT THE 1ST CRASH HERE , we have been here 3 yrs and i have counted at least 10 or more crashes

  2. Has there been any updates on this RTC as I came past today and there are flowers at the scene. Something needs doing here there’s always accidents

  3. Useless council are to busy wasting millions on the 20mph limit and making Stirchley and Cotteridge bottlenecks to sort out Shenley Lane.

  4. I came down hill towards cross over just last week and a car pulled across in front of me but there was no room for her to do that I missed her by inches I was fuming as my 2 yr old granddaughter was in my car ! If another car had been coming down side of me would not of been able to swerve out of way and it would of been a head on crash some one needs to do these roads it’s a shame someone has to die to get thing s done on roads .


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