We’ve received some good news via Weoley ward councillors. Birmingham City Council have agreed to install a traffic lights system at the junction of Shenley Lane, Gregory Avenue and Long Nuke Road. 

The junction has seen many accidents over the years and a 36 year old woman sadly lost her life in a collision there this month. 

Residents and councillors have long appealed for a safer system of traffic control at the junction. 

In a letter to local residents, the Weoley ward councillors said that work on traffic lights was due to start in the next few weeks and should take around ten weeks to complete. 

In a joint statement, Weoley ward councillors Adrian Delaney, Peter Douglas Osborn and Eddie Freeman said: “After many years of campaigning for lights at the Shenley Lane crossing, we have finally had a break through and got the outcome we have all fought for, with the crossing going ahead. Its fantastic news and we are thankful for the support from local residents. We are really pleased.”


  1. We don’t need anymore traffic lights, what we need is speed bumps or a little island, we have a set of traffic lights which obviously they are not helping

    • I’m with you there. There’s enough traffic lights and they do not stop the speeding boy racers. Taxi drivers seem to think they own the road. Absolutely it needs speed bumps. Maybe the odd police presence. Who else needs to die before appropriate action is taken…

  2. It takes someone to loose a life before anything is done this country is shocking. We need safty first not new trains and stations tHat half of us will never use.

  3. lights are a waste of time and costly to fit. it needs an island similar to the ones further along at the top,middle and bottom of Barnes Hill.

  4. barnes hill is a race track try pulling out in a car and it’s dangerous i agree speed bumps or a working speed camera

  5. So sad that it takes a loss of life before the council act. We can only hope drivers observe the signals better than they do the island rules at Barnes Hill.

  6. We don’t need speed humps, or even a lighs system there, what needs to be done is a camera just after lights that are existing and a roundabout, and too many blame “boy racers” when it’s the people who are impatient and risk it cutting up traffic on that junction, I live on long nuke and see many risk it across that junction

  7. Traffic lights are no good. If having traffic lights they are goin to be yards from the other set. What we need is the junction to be closed off so there is no through road. Its ok them doing something at the junction but what about at the top end when coming out of shenely fields always a bad accident there too


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