A local schoolgirl has won a competition to design a poster for a nationwide campaign to encourage secondary school students to use the Place 2 Be support service.

Chloe, a Year 8 student at ARK Kings Academy, designed a poster (featured below) showing a young woman holding up a mask with a smiley face to cover her own feelings of sadness. Tom Rose, Place 2 Be’s Head of Secondary School Development, who visited ARK Kings Academy last Tuesday (3 March) to announce the winning design, said:

“We all wear masks in different situations and that’s okay. Problems arise when we feel we are regularly showing a mask to the outside world that is different to how we truly feel about ourselves inside. In these situations, it can help to be able to talk to somebody in confidence about how we’re feeling. That’s where the Place 2 Be support service comes in.”

Reflecting on her achievement, Chloe said:

“I feel really happy and want to inspire people. It’s not easy to tell people your feelings to somebody but you’ve got somebody who will listen to you at Place 2 Be.”

Asked whether her win has encouraged her to think about pursuing a career in art, Chloe said: “For my future career I’d like to do fashion design. I’d also like to write a book and a comic.”

Despite her recent win, Chloe remains humble about her art and is quick to give credit to others: “I’d like to give a shout out to my Dad because that’s where I get my art skills from. He’s got his own YouTube channel at Kenshiro Suzuki.

Chloe’s design will now be refined before it is incorporated into an officially produced poster for Place 2 Be services in secondary schools around the country.

Place2Be is a national charity working in over 200 UK schools to improve the confidence and emotional wellbeing of children. The service helps children feel better about themselves and when children feel better about themselves, they are able to learn more easily and that means less worry for parents.

At ARK Kings Academy Place 2 Be works with children and parents to help them with any issues or worries they may be experiencing. You can find out more about the benefits of the service by clicking here.



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