Kings Norton Neighbourhood Police Tasking Meetings are held MONTHLY at Hawkesley Community Centre 6.30pm Kings Norton

Priorities of the last meeting –

Mr John Burke, Depot Leader of the Fleet and Waste Team at Lifford lane, attended this meeting. Mr Burke was invited as a result of a number of concerns raised around litter and waste management at the last meeting. Mr Burke endeavoured to address any questions and concerns around waste management on Kings Norton Ward.

Safe Haven –

PSCO Dean Anderson Safe haven has agreed to conduct litter patrols with the young people during the Easter Holidays. Residents will be asked to identify areas where they would like the Safe Haven Team to patrol.

Environmental Issues –

As a result of concerns raised around the increase in dog fouling and dogs roaming off leads in contravention of the new dog legislation, a number of joint operations have been conducted with officers from Kings Norton Neighbourhood Team and Environmental Wardens. To date we have completed 4 days and there are another 4 days planned in April. Posters and leaflets have been put up at prominent locations around Kings Norton Ward. Dog waste bags and literature have also been handed out.

Speed Operations –

Officers from Kings Norton Neighbourhood team conducted a Speed Watch Operation on 27th February 2015.  The locations were Redditch Road, Near the Man on The Moon Public House, Shannon Road near to The Ark Academy and Shannon Road near Hawkesley Park.

Approximately 10 vehicles were detected speeding on Redditch  Road and 25 on Shannon Road.

Mini Motors –

Farmer Browne, the owner of the farm that was being used by young people on mini motos has ben contacted. We can now confirm that the consent has been withdrawn. This will hopefully reduce the ASB being experienced by the offenders travelling to and from the farmer’s field.

Since the last tasking meeting officers have seized a mini moto. In addition, two further offenders have been reported for driving offences. Officers were unable to seize that mini moto. However subsequent enquiries made with parents confirm that the mini moto has now been sold.

NHT Operations –

A successful drug warrant was executed by Officers from Kings Norton Policing Team. A cannabis factory with mature Cannabis plants and a hydroponics set up was found at the address. The plants have all been seized and the hydroponics set up destroyed. (Hydroponics i.e. additional lighting, fans, plant food, foil tents).

Travellers Kings Norton –

The travellers have moved from Tern Grove, Hawkesley. However on Friday 6th March travellers set up camp on Sovereign Road, Kings Norton. This location is a car park on a void industrial unit. The travellers had confirmed their intentions to vacate the site by Monday 6th March.


Recorded Crime Figures February 2015

2015    2014    Diff    %    Diff

Burglary (BDH)                                         09       3           6          200

Robbery                                                       3          4          -1         -25

Crim Damage                                          12         20      -8         -40.0

ASB                                                             5           3         2          66.7

Date of the NEXT Kings Norton Tasking Meeting will be THURSDAY 16th April 2015.

Direct dial number for KN NHT is 0121 626 1727

Many thanks to PC Levy for information.


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