B31 Voices is seeking a kind hearted train passenger who not only refused a reward for returning a mobile phone he found on a train, but also left an inspirational note for the owner!

Michelle Hickinbottom’s daughter, Shaunnah, was travelling on the Cross City south line and accidentally left her iPhone on the train. 

Michelle, from West Heath, called the phone and it was answered by Josh Brown, who said he would hand the phone in at Selly Oak. Michelle told him how grateful she and her daughter were and asked him to leave his address so she could forward him a £20 reward for his kindness. 

However, generous Josh didn’t leave his address with the phone, instead leaving this inspirational note, asking them to ‘pay it forward’…

The note and the story have been posted on our Facebook page and Twitter account but, despite several Josh Browns being tagged, no-one has yet owned up to this outstanding gesture!

So, if you are a Josh Brown, or you know one, we ask #WillTheRealJoshBrownPleaseStandUp  ?



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